How do I set the lock out policy on a group of domain XP PCs but exclude some.


Server - 2003

PCs - 20 or so Windows XP

I have a requirement to set the lockout policy on a group of domain PCs. I want to be able to exclude some from locking out as they need to be on all the time.

How best to go about doing this?
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strivoliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create an OU, move these clients inside the OU, create a GPO with the needed settings.
Do you mean you don't want the screensaver to lock the computer?
APC_40Author Commented:
Yes I wanted 1-2 PCs not to lock.
Are you talking about the screen saver locking? Then it's not a computer policy but a per user setting. You could however solve it using loopback policy.
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APC_40Author Commented:
No it's actually locking out the PC after a period of inactivity.
McKnifeCommented: are talking about locking the screen, not "locking out" a computer account/user account, right? If so, then my suggestion applies.
APC_40Author Commented:
Nice answer!
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