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PHP Code modification needed (Variables in loop)

error2013 asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-14
Hi all,

First of all this is my current code:


$conn = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'admin', '', 'test');
$rs = mysqli_query($conn, "select count(*) cnt from table where field3 = 8");
$row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($rs);

$cnt = $row['cnt'];
$middle = ceil($cnt/2);

$var1 = 'string1';
$var2 = 'string2';

    "update table a,
           (SELECT @rownum:=0) b
     set article = concat(article, if((@rownum := @rownum+1) > $middle, '$var1', '$var2'))     
     where field3 = 8


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This code above works fine but right now:

$var1 = 'string1';
$var2 = 'string2';

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populate everything 50% 50%.

My problem here is that if the result on cnt is 10 (for example)...

At the moment 5 records will be populated with 'string1' and the other 5 records with 'string2'...


My problem is that $var1 and $var2 are going to be generated on the fly so $var1 and $var2 will be different on every run instead of now....

So it should be like this::;;

//If cnt was 10 for example...

$var1 = 'string1a';
$var2 = 'string2a';

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update the database ...with those 2 variables above...

//then generate another 2 values...

$var1 = 'string1b';
$var2 = 'string2b';

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update the database ...with those 2 variables above...

etc until it's reached cnt.

Note: I don't need help with generating the different $var values, I just need to have the code store different ones in a loop.

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