Administrating Microsoft Response Point phone system D-Link

I have a customer with a Microsoft Response Point phone system (yes, I know M$ discontinued this product in 2010) that is having issues with the D-Link DVX-2000MS-5 VoiceCenter IP Phone System. This D-Link unit is connected on the backend to a Edgemark 4550 VoIP system which is also the DHCP server for the D-Link & the phones.

The D-Link unit has had to be rebooted from time to time & when it comes up it does not get the same IP address every time. All the phones are expecting this unit to be at a specific address & when it is  not the phones cannot connect. I want to set the D-Link to a static IP address to resolve this problem.

The D-Link can be accessed from a Administrative program on a users PC but the settings in this program only allow me to change the time & not the IP address of the D-Link.

The D-Link does allow you to connect a keyboard, mouse & monitor & it is running Windows XP embedded but I cannot log in to the D-Link from the console. It comes up with a username of Administrator & the default password should be admin but that does not work. I can find no one that knows this password.

On the response point install software there is a file called ResponsePointPasswordReset.exe  which according to the instructions you copy to a thumb drive & insert it into the USB slot on the D-Link, the file auto-runs & after the activity light stops flashing the password should be reset to admin

But after running this file I still cannot get logged in at the console of the D-Link with the reset administrator password. I have a feeling it is resetting the password for the Response Point Administrator program which was already set to admin

So my question is how do I hack into this D-Link so I can go in & set a static IP in XP embedded?  BTW I also tried to remote desktop into the D-Link & that fails.
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pgm554Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try Dlink tech support or

I'm pretty sure you can change the IP address from the MS admin utility as I've done it in the past.

Note page 25.

If all else fails,go to SMB Nation

And see if you can get an email to Harry Brelsford through the support email address.

He wrote the book on Response Point and is a pretty good guy at answering questions about it.
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