Patch Tuesday and Outlook 2013

Anybody seeing any issues?

Windows 8.1 Pro.

Have a customer that after the reboot has lost a bunch of emails through imap connector.

Effing M$ strikes again!
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Perhaps a System Restore will fix things.
pgm554Author Commented:
A restore back to W7 and O2K10!

This is like the 2nd or 3rd time in the past couple of months patch Tuesday  has whacked everything up.
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pgm554Author Commented:
Bug in Windows 8.1.

W7 and Ol2k13 works fine.

What a piece of work!
pgm554Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

Folks need to watch out and just stay with 7.
In http:#a39649193 I posted "Perhaps a System Restore will fix things"

In the next post ( http:#a39649526 ) pgm554 posted "A restore back to W7 and 02K10!"  
And in http:#a39652297 pgm554 posted "W7 and Ol2k13 works fine."

It certainly sounds like a System Restore was the solution.
pgm554Author Commented:
The system restore on Windows 8.1 did not fix the problem,so a system restore in the classic M$ (non)sense was not the solution.

Starting from scratch is not a system restore,it's starting from scratch.
pgm554Author Commented:
So far what worked was just to install Office 2K13 and do not patch office.

If you install the patches (doesn't matter the OS),it will break IMAP.

With the original system (W8.1) I tried doing a system restore using the built in roll back feature,but that did not work.

I have a case open with M$,but to be honest ,they've haven't a clue and I'm the one stuck having to go through each patch one by one and see what it is.

I am now getting you have activated office too many times with your key as I try to uninstall and reinstall the patches and office.

I've got an M$ MVP involved (Susan Bradly) and she thinks the fix might be a patch due in December.

I'm just frustrated that I am doing all the work and the folks at M$ are charging me with a service call on my contract.
pgm554Author Commented:
M$ should rename patch Tuesday to we have no idea what we're doing Tuesday!
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