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Import data into excel with currency formatting


I'm am importing data into excel. One of the columns I am importing are staff salaries. When I import, the data is imported in non-currency formatting. E.g. $45,000 is imported as 45000. How may I import this data and keep the currency formatting?
1 Solution
you have to set the cell format to currency.  

right click on the cell, row or column
choose format cells
under 'number' set the category to currency
choose the format you want
click ok
grindmygearsAuthor Commented:
I totally goofed on the question. The data is formatted as currency in excel. I'm actually importing from excel into word. Sorry about that!
Are you importing via mail merge or paste into a word table?
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grindmygearsAuthor Commented:
Mail merge
because the mail merge field pulls just the text, you will need to have the $ and .00 before and after merge field.  

e.g. $<merge field name>.00
Harry LeeCommented:

That's not true.

When a field is numeric in the data list, you can change the format of the merged text.

After inserting the numeric field in mail merge, right click on the field, and pick Toggle Field Codes until you see {MERGEFIELD "Field Name"}.

In my example, my field name is "Sales". So it looks like {MERGEFIELD "Sales"}.

Change the field code to {MERGEFIELD "Sales" \# $#,##0.00}.

The \# means numeric format, and the $#,##0.00 just set the format to Accounting / Currency format. In this case, if the data field is 123456, it will end up showing $123,456.00 and if the data field is 12345.6, it will end up showing $12,345.60.
Thanks HarryHYLee for the correction, that's great information.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See the recommendation for more details.

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