cisco 1941 vwic3 2 port t1 card

Hello experts. I am new to cisco

I had 2 t1 lines installed which I want to combine to double my bandwidth. I installed the card in a hwic slot. I noticed the interface which I thought woukd be serial did not show when I did sh int

I've been figured out I had to do the controller card type command which is fine.

my question now is what do I need to do to combine the lines. also how do i route the traffic if there is no serial interface to assign ip

thank you so much
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bidgadgetConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Yes. Maybe the controller needs to be configured before the interface is recognized??
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
To be more clear with my question.  This is a point to point line connecting my two offices.  Office 1 is on the network and office 2 is on the network.  I would like to connect them using the t1 line.  With my other office its simple.  I assign an ip to the serial interface on each side and do a ip route entry.  with the controller I don't see that I can assign a ip address to any serial interface so I do not know how the data will be routed
I don't know how much help I can offer on this but did you turn the router off before you installed the card?
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
controller was issue
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