Windows Server 2003 Task Scheduler will not properly execute net start ...

In Windows Server 2003, I have tried endlessly to enter a task in the task scheduler to shut down subversion (or any other service). All the commands I show below work just fine from a command line or from a .bat file BUT they will not execute from the Task Scheduler in either a direct command or referencing a .bat file. I consistently receive a 0x80 code and the service continues to run.

I have tried:
net stop Subversion
sc stop Subversion

What is special about these commands that they will not execute?
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Jon SverrissonConnect With a Mentor IT SpecialistCommented:
You need to make sure that the account Local Service has full permission in the folder and batch file properties. If this account does not have full permission, then the batch file will not run from Task Scheduler.
Also check if the task is set to run with highest privileges.

my guess is that the tasks will run if you leave the user that created the tasks logged in.  Make sure the task is setup to run even if the user is logged out (you could even test it by leaving the user logged in during the scheduled time).

you might try changing the account that scheduled tasks run as or possibly what user account the services uses.
bgravesAuthor Commented:
Forget the schedule, I am right clicking and selecting "run" and it fails!
I am logged in as administrator and the task is set to run under administrator with the proper password. There are plenty of other tasks that do not have this problem. I think it must be unique to starting/stopping a service - I think...
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just curious what the AT service account configuration is set to.  To check click start -> control panel -> scheduled tasks.  In the scheduled tasks window click "advanced" at the top Than click ATservice account.  If it is set for system maybe try using the domain admin or the local admin user name and password.

If you have ever used pstools, you might be able to schedule this task on a different server and use psexec to stop the service on the 2003 box.  Kind of a strange work around but it might work out for you.
Another thought i had is the "start in" field in the properties of the scheduled task may need to be set to the root of where the .bat file is saved.
bgravesAuthor Commented:
> AT service account configuration
AT Service Account is set to System.
I have been using the domain administrator name and password.

>root of where the .bat file
I am not currently using a .bat file. Just C:\Windows\System32\net.exe ... in the scheduler command with root set to c:\Windows\System32.

You would think this was a no-brainer but I can't stop any services that I have tried so far.
bgravesAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Jon,
This thread is over one year old - I don't have a server running 2003 to try your suggestion anymore! So without checking, I really can't accept (or reject) any answers any more.
Jon SverrissonIT SpecialistCommented:
No problem, I had been looking for a solution for a long time and just wanted to share it so that those that will find this thread will find the solution faster than I did.
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