DNS server between 2 subnets

I have 2 locations with 2 different subnets. There is a VPN setup between them. I have a DC in each one. How do I configure the DNS so that everybody can translate DNS across both subnets?
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
have you disabled firewall on both dcs?
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper is the lmhosts service and must be there
please restart all 3 services mentioned above if not started
if you have ant extra unused adapters exists on DCs, please disable them
Open Cmd on both servers and run nbtstat -R & nbtstat -RR
then check if you are able to view computers in my network places..

can u check one thing,
try to telnet from DC to client computers and vice versa on TCP 445 and let me know
Presuming it's the same Active Directory domain in both sites, and traffic is passing from one end of the VPN to the other, you should just be able to define them both as DNS servers for the domain.

If it's two different domains, then each DNS server should be configured to be a secondary DNS to the other domain.
everybody can translate DNS across both subnets?
Not getting your question...
If you couild explain \ simplify above please....
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WIZU2Author Commented:
I have a DC in each location. Both running DNS.

Location 1 DNS points to self then forward lookup zone to DNS server in second location and vise versa.

Right now at the 2 site I can ping to host names to computers at the first site. But the first
cant ping by host name to second site.

Also when I browse the network no computers show up on second site and no computers show up from first site

The DNS at both sites have a reverse lookup zone for only first site. Is this the issue?

I added subnets scopes for both sites.
WIZU2Author Commented:
Also if I try to add a forward lookup zone on first site DNS server to the second site DNS server and it says that it couldn't resolve the host name either though I added an A record on that server??
if you have AD, then both dns must have same configuration (same ad integrated forward lookup zone must be at both ends)
Now if you ping hostnames of site 1 from site2, will it resolves to host FQDN or just single label name)
And if you ping hostnames from site2 from site1, RTOs coming with name resolved or any other error coming
WIZU2Author Commented:
I thought forward lookup zones function so that is the local DNS cant resolve it then forwards to the other DNS server?

If I ping by host name from site 1 to site 2 with FQDN it does resolve??

Should I delete the reverse lookup zone?

Why cant second site see any computers in network locations?
Have you configured forwarder at both dns servers pointing to each other ?
You do not required any forwarder since you have same forward lookup zone at both ends.
no need to delete reverse lookup zone.
how u ping hostnames ?
for ex:
ping server1
what is the reply from both ends if you ping like above ?
WIZU2Author Commented:
If I ping from first site to the second site

ping WS1    this fails

ping WS1.mydomain.local    this resolves
are your dns servers are ad integrated ?
I mean is ur forward lookup zone is active directory integrated ?
WIZU2Author Commented:
The DNS server is also a DC
On both DCs at each site please open Advanced Tcp/IP settings and check DNS Tab.
In DNS tab, check below settings.
ensure that "Append Primary and connection specific dns suffixes" radio button is selected
Ensure that "Append parent suffixes of primary dns suffix" checkbox is selected
Ensure that "register this connection addresses in Dns" checkbox is selected
If there is any deviation in the above settings, its probably you will face name resolution issues.
Also ensure that at both site DCs set own ip address as preferred dns and another DC ip as a secondary IP address.
Also check WINS tab in advance tcp/ip settings. netbios should be enabled on both DCs
Lastly diable firewall on both DCs
WIZU2Author Commented:
That worked thanks? I still don't know why at site 2 I don't see any PCs in my network places?

Is it possible in my network places to see all workstations between both subnets?
Are you able to see site 2 computers in my network places on DC2 ?
If not check below servcies on DC
Computer browser

It may create problem between two subnets if NetBIOS broadcast is getting blocked between routers or firewalls.
WIZU2Author Commented:
I cant see any computers even on same subnet....workgroup is not an option either.

These are 2012/2008 servers. I couldn't find TCP/IP helper
WIZU2Author Commented:
That worked thank you so much!!
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