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Plex/Constellation on IOS: working but not playing videos


I have this Raspberry Pi on which I had XBMC first. Hated it, still hate it.
Spend weeks on it to configure it but in the end it still messed up my library: didn't show DVD correctly etc.
I was always a happy user of Plex Mediacenter on my Synology, so I configured Rasplex. Working great ... can navigate through Plex but not play content. It says "playing" but does nothing at all.
Please don't convince me of XBMC, heard it is the best over and over again but I've spent to much time on it.
Plex works great, only the Iphone/Ipad apps don't.

Please advise.
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You may need to purchase the mpeg plugin and the app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7/8
For Android / iOS support, you'll need to purchase the app in either Google Play or the App Store, respectively. It's $4.99 either way.
If it helps
How-to: Setting up a Plex Environment HERE
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I already have the plug-ins installed. Plex was also already installed and working. Don t understand what you want to say actually.
Hi janhoedt
 I can only go by your comments
you just said>Plex works great, only the Iphone/Ipad apps don't.
So I'd start with checking the entire setup ( guide provided) and reading down through the steps( did you look?)
At this point you're asked to set up a myPlex account.
We recommend this for using and accessing your media via your mobile device from outside of the confines of your home network.<< (with pictures)
If you're never going to access your media outside of your home, this is safe to skip.
Depending on whether or not you decide to add the myPlex account, you'll be prompted to queue up some media.
You can safely click "Done" at the bottom which will take you to your main Plex Dashboard. It's now time to get to streaming!
And further on:
For Android / iOS support, you'll need to purchase the app in either Google Play or the App Store, respectively. It's $4.99 either way.
As you can see below, the mobile app is pretty slick. You can access your media anywhere you can get to a wireless signal for your home network.
Once you fire up the app from either Android or iOS, the app will automatically discover your library.

Are you saying the guide didn't help you and you cant add anything further?
Plex Mobile integrates seamlessly with the desktop version
Help getting Started
It is the week end here in Australia
Have a great day
Regards Merete
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