Firefox refuses to import bookmarks

Running Windows 7 Pro on an HP z210; running Firefox v25.0.1

I saved my bookmarks to an html file.
I reinstalled the operating system, installed Firefox.
Now Firefox refuses to import the bookmarks.  
When I click on Import, I can navigate to the html file, click on it, the library window appears and I see the words  (no response) appear in the upper left corner of the Firefox
library window.  Then nothing happens.

How do I solve this?
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Dan CraciunConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Like I said: MozBackup. It safely backups/restores bookmarks, settings, addons etc.
No problem at restoring between different versions.
Gregory MillerConnect With a Mentor General ManagerCommented:
You should be able to open the export file in a web browser. Try opening Windows Explorer and browsing to the file and double clicking on it. It should open right up and display all of your bookmarks. If not, the file may not have backed up properly. If it does, maybe you should uninstall Firefox, reboot and reinstall Firefox.
Did you have Firefox v25.0.1 before you reinstalled?
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Not really gonna help you now, but for the future you can use MozBackup to transfer your settings:

donpickAuthor Commented:
Yes, I had installed v25.0 before exporting the bookmarks.  
Does this make a difference?

Yes, the bookmark html file does open as a web page and I can scroll through the items in the file.

So, there is no solution to this problem?   I just have to enter the favorites manually one by one and hope they export next time?
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Did you try removing FF, rebooting and installing FF again?
Try installing an older version of Firefox and import the bookmarks and upgrade to the latest version to see if that helps because that version was not probably there when you had your bookmarks at first.
donpickAuthor Commented:
Hello comfortjeanius:

I tried that .   I have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox and installed an older version.
Same problem, unable to import the html file.  Seems so strange.   Firefox can open the html file and display its contents.  Just cannot import it.  

I don't want to have problems importing in the future.  What is the best way to backup the bookmarks so they can be restored?
donpickAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your help.
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