Sharepoint 2013 enterprise search does not return results

I have created an enterprise search site and configured the search application, but I cannot get results to appear unless I chose people and type a persons name in.

My crawling is setup on three sites and complete showing success of 663.


My global search url is:

This is a working URL but will only search people, not content.  How do I resolve?
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Yagya ShreeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please follow below article and let me know

Plan crawling and federation in SharePoint 2013
ohmErnieAuthor Commented:
I have already established the crawl.  It shows multiple successes and completes successfully, but I don't think the search queries are hitting the crawled data.
skipper68Application Development ManagerCommented:
Is the application pool service account set to use a true domain account with necessary rights instead of the default "Network Service" account.

You can also check your alternate access mapping (AAM) settings.  Make sure the host header that is specified in your default zone is the same url you have used in your search content source.
Did the first URL a mistake or your search config really search on http://ntranet, without the beginning "i" ?
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