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I have a MyDlink DCS930L camera.  A firmware upgrade was performed on the camera.  The firmware upgrade requires the setup process to be performed again.  The password I use to enter the website or app works fine,  but when I go to enter the same password during the setup process, It gives an incorrect password message.  When I click on 'forgot password', there is no provision to change the password, or at least not in that screen.

Any suggestion to get the MyDlink setup process to accept/change the password and proceed with the setup process?

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Do you still have the setup CD?
If not, you can download it from

According to the manual, if you can logon the mydlink portal, you should be able to select the camera on the left, then on the Camera Settings tab check the Show Password box to see the password set in the camera itself (which is not necessarily the same as the portal password).DCS-930L - Show Password (click for larger)
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
Call DLink Customer Support?  Maybe there is a tech article?  There could be a way like system BIOS tools where if you jumper it out, it will clear the password?

I would start there,  Surely, you are not the first to come across this.
aasikoloAuthor Commented:
I called Dlink Customer $upport and they weren't able to solve the issue.  But they charged $33.00 a half hour as a consolation prize.

System BIOS tools sounds intriguing, tell me more.
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aasikoloAuthor Commented:

I am out of town right now and am unable to test your solution.  I will be returning on Friday and will test your solution at that time, if that is OK.

Looks promising
No problem.
aasikoloAuthor Commented:
Installing the setup wizard did the trick.  Thanks
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