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Add aliase to ftp sites

I have a ftp site on IIS 6 this ftp can be accessed by all users as the directory contains some documents and applictions for downlaod ( no special directory for each user).

the ftp is accessed by ftp://ServerName.Doamn/name

i need to access the ftp with alias instead of the server name (or IP), i managed to do this in http sites CNAME records in DNS...but i can not find how to do it n FTP.

Please advice
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DNS queries are not solely bound to HTTP. Using the same method as before (how you succeeded with HTTP) should yield the same results, even for FTP.
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ok...but when i creted the CNAME in DNS i used the same alias in the http host header , but i didnt find any hostheader for ftp !!!
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Is there any workaround thrugh the DNS ?
any rcord that can solve the issue ??
No, as I said, it's the protocol, in the ftp conversation between client and server, the hostname used is not mentioned. There's no way the server knows what to do based on hostname, only on username and password. Therefore the only distinction you have left is port number (if you set up one more server on another listening port)
I just need to highlight that my main concern is not to use the host server name or IP in the ftp site access....
Then just use the same cname you made earlier. It worked for http, meaning it should work for your ftp (unless the client is doing something weird, in which case you should try another client). No changes needed on the ftp server.
Well I suppose you could bind another IP address and then change the FTP server config to only use that particular IP address. However, that doesn't get you anywhere you can't get by following what Kimputer already suggested.