Buffalo NAS default gateway

Have a Buffalo NAS (Terastation TS-WXL) at a remote site which is accessible at remote site using hostname, IP address and SMB share but over a site to site VPN cannot access using IP address, hostname or using SMB path. The NAS has a static A record in DNS and is part of a workgroup and not domain. I am able to access other SMB paths from servers at remote site. NAS has latest firmware. Is there a particular port or any other service need to be enabled to access the device remotely? ASA 5505's between the two sites. I am unable to ping the device. In the web page I can see the default gateway populated but using NAS Navigator am seeing as default gateway.

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abhijitm00Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found issue to be that there was no default gateway on the NAS device
Can you access anything at the remote site?
abhijitm00Author Commented:
Yes I can access everything except for the NAS device
abhijitm00Author Commented:
Troubleshooting on my own fixed the issue
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