Turn on Autosave / Auto recover with a Group Policy for Office 2013 and Visio 2013

I have the Office 15 Admx templates in my Policy Definitions store, no thanks to Microsoft who convoluted this process.  But I don't see anyway to enable AutoSave or AutoRecover for any Office Documents but specifically I'm looking to do this for Visio 2013.   The guidance for Office 2010 or older is useless..

Dave StackIT Consultant, StackAble IT Solutions LLCAsked:
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Ram BalachandranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can get this information from Microsoft Download Center:
Office 2010 Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX/ADML) and Office Customization Tool
You can find it at line 114, “Removed” tab. It’s by design.

ref : http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/0d760e9f-a654-4f37-949d-900776db97c9/visio-2010-auto-recover-settings-via-group-policy?forum=winserverGP
Dave StackIT Consultant, StackAble IT Solutions LLCAuthor Commented:
So Microsoft in their infinite wisdom removed the ability of Admins to turn this on for users and then turned it off by default on straight installs of Visio 2013.. That's just Great... Anyone have any idea why or how to fix this on systems that are already deployed?
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