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We have various AIX images on which we have Databases and Applications running and we are planning to convert them into RHEL. Is there any special migration process I have to follow ..?
As most of the data is already on the SAN, We will be installing new DB's and new Applications on RHEL and are planning to connect our data..

Can someone help me with the procedure or a document..???
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Agree with dlethe.  You need to contact your various software vendors and see if you can reuse the same exact files under the new OS.

Although you might use the "same" software, say DB2 on AIX and DB2 on Linux, if they are not the same exact version.release.level, the format of the configuration file could be totally different.

For the databases you might have to export the data in a common format, like csv or tab delimited, and then import.
You seem to be under the impression that there is an expectation that software vendors all got together and created some universal standard for application files, configuration settings, and directory structures for all *nix platforms.

That is not the case.   You need to contact every software vendor and ask them individually what the process is for their app.
You need to create architecture-neutral database backup and restore it in new place (sure you need same or better DB running there)
For applications? Depends on application, say IHS can move to Apache, java webservers are usually same on both platforms, whatever was compiled in-houdse needs to be recompiled... etc etc.
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DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
I write a heck of a lot of  system code that must integrate with AIX, Solaris, LINUX, and more variants.  Nothing is easy.  You just can't expect a recompile will work, even if you stick to POSIX compliant C source code.  

If you change web servers, then no guarantee your CGI or plug-ins will integrate without source code modifications.  You are moving from a rock solid enterprise AIX O/S to a LINUX platform.  Be prepared for a rude awakening.  You won't have smit.  Your filesystems are primitive compared to AIX.  No online expansions.  No ODM.  No backing out of patches.  No mksysb.  You can also count on runtime library and kernel compatibility hell compared to AIX.

Be prepared for the vendors that port to AIX to tell you that you will lose functionality, or even that their code won't work on LINUX, and that they have no plans to do a LINUX port.
sure you cannot blindly copy the scripts - you need to examine all filesystem paths hardcoded inside :)

smit -> system-config-[tab]-[tab]
lvm -> lvm (only command line or GUI, no TUI like smitty) yes online expansions and reductions
patch reversal -> yum downgrade (works well with RHEL, not so good with CentOS)
mksysb -> Nothing (but it can keep unlimited number of bootable kernels intact)
In that case, you have a big migration project to undertake, there are a lot of differences in system calls , compilers and options between AIX and RHEL that need to be accounted for.
it starts with assessing what is running andthen disbanding piece by piece...

Say for DB2+Websphere migration to Linux even IBM will help you...
>>...AIX images ....planning to convert them into RHEL<<

Red Hat doesn't have any documentation or article for migration between non-RHEL system to RHEL and it is not recommended. Below are the recommended steps to migrate NON-RHEL OS to RHEL:

1) Take the full backup of the required data from AIX system.
2) Do the fresh installation of RHEL OS
3) Restore the data copied from the AIX system to your new RHEL system.
4) If any third parity application running on the AIX system then Red Hat will suggest you to contact the application vendor prior to migration regarding support-ability of the application in RHEL.

Be aware; any issues on the migrated RHEL will be unsupported.
Unsupported? Are you in IBM sales? Theyalways shout you have wrong data and everything is unsupported... Redhat at least asks if you have backup...
Red Hat do not support:
-Modified RPMs
-Third-party software/drivers and uncertified hardware/hypervisors
-Community projects upon which enterprise releases are based
-Code development
-System and network design
-Implementation and development of security rules and policies
-Red Hat Extras/Supplementary channel
-Optional repository/channel
-Technology preview features
-Packages included to satisfy dependencies when deployed as standalone items
DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
I had an eureka moment.  While no AIX->LINUX guide exists, IBM does publish a variety of LINUX->AIX migration guides, as well as a LINUX compatibility toolkit for AIX.   These will give you everything you need.

If IBM talks about how any specific feature is done differently (and most certainly better from their perspective) in AIX, then you can bet your life that feature is going to require some migration work.  The compatibility toolkit goes into great depth talking about differences in system calls.  Reverse the polarity on them, as they say.  Anything that you have to change to get a LINUX app ported to AIX is going to require some attention when moving to LINUX.
Got "supported" by both:

IBM may send you a heavy bill of services even they fix their bugs under warranty or support contract... (if the fix involved programing)

In sam case RH might announce that particular product feature was included by accident so it is unsupported.
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