pl/sql coding

What are the major pl/sql coding done by oracle dba..
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johnsoneConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle DBACommented:
As another 20-year DBA, I will say depends on the company and what standards they adhere (or are required to adhere) to.

I definitely don't do as much PL/SQL as I used to.  But, that is because of SOX and SAS standards.  Separation of duties requires that the DBA cannot write the PL/SQL code that is in the database.  They see that as some sort of conflict of interest.

That being said, the DBAs in quite a few places I have been were responsible for all the PL/SQL code in the database.  We wrote it and maintained it.  A couple of places had a dedicated group of "DBAs" to do this, but they had no administration duties, they only wrote PL/SQL.

Other places, the PL/SQL is the responsibility of the development staff, because it is code after all.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You seem to have asked three pretty generic questions in a row.

It would help us a lot if you can provide the context in which you have heard them.

For this question:
A DBA can use PL/SQL to assist in day-day operations, monitoring, reporting, etc...

For example:
I have several procedures that run daily that email me directly from the database on things I deem important.

Just about and DBA task can be automated in some way using pl/sql.

A lot also depends on the type of DBA:  Production or Development?

A dev DBA can assist in coding of new apps/processes.  A prod DBA can use knowledge of pl/sql for new code that may potentially cause an issue.

The more detailed you can be in your questions, then better we can answer.
dev_dbaAuthor Commented:
Please do not answer to my questions.
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DavidConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
Speaking as a 20-year DBA, it is very rare for me to write PL/SQL on a modern Oracle RDMBS.  A developer, OTOH, is fair game.

I will certainly use PL/SQL objects, such as the SYS supplied DBMS objects for analysis.  I may encapsulate code into a shell or job script for reuse.

If this misses your point, please clarify.

sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As a DBA I write PL/SQL all the time.  Sometimes for my own administrative tasks (as opposed to shell scripting).

I've written a few APEX applications which are just web pages on top of pl/sql.

I wrote and support a central set of pl/sql tools that are shared among all of our databases to do common functions like email, string and numeric manipulation and some os implementation.

I also tune and review pl/sql of developers in various departments.

I'm also called upon to write pieces of or even entire applications and integrations with pl/sql.

As the other answers above have hinted.  It's not so much the title of "dba"  it's the work and project management overlapping with available skill sets.

Also, as a side note.  rejecting the assistance of slightwv is not helpful to yourself.
His comments about vague questions are accurate.

If you want concise answers it's better to ask concise questions.
dev_dbaAuthor Commented:
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