Switching from the Pop Connector in SBS 2011 to smtp mail

I am going to use the pop connector in SBS 2011 while mail can be switched over
to smtp. There is a workstation that is used by two people who do not need seperate
logins and indeed need to see each others emails and programs. This is easy to do with
the pop connector as I can just get the other persons email delived to the 2nd users mailbox
or vice versa. How would this be achieved once the pop connector is turned off, and is it actually ok, apart from the 5 minute delay to continue with the pop connector indefinitely.
I know this is not the preferred method but is there a reason why not.

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JayCarter82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just set both users up to have access to the other's mailbox and add them as additional mailboxes in Outlook. Job done.
forget messing with pop. Let the sbs box deliver everything to exchange and just create two outlook profiles on the pc, once for each user and set it to ask which profile to use when outlook starts.

dead simple.
Consider creating a distribution list for the mailbox in question.   Then when an email message is received into the distribution list have it send a copy to each person's individual mailbox.  If one of the people replies to the message they can cc the distribution list so the other person knows what was said.
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
I would agree with JayCarter82.  Give Full Mailbox access to a single account that both users can access.  Have the POP deliver to that mailbox.

I would suggest against using POP mail as a perminant solution.  An SMTP feed (direct mail delivery via MX) is a better solution.  The POP connector in SBS is meant to be a stop gap for migration really.

Another issue with POP delivery is that with large emails that fail, it will try and download over and over again.  You also have less control over the mail with POP.  The 5 minute delivery is probably the most notible factor.
floyd197Author Commented:
How do you setup access to the others mailbox and add them as additional mailboxes in outlook

I log in as the user who is going to give access to their mailbox.

On the main mailbox right click and go to Properties then click on the Permissions tab.   There you will add the users that you want to give access.  You can set their level of access from reviewer to owner depending on what you want.

Then I go down to the folders that I want to grant access to.  If it's the Inbox, I'll right click on it and select permissions again.    Once again I will pick the users and their level of access.

Then log off of the user whose mail box is going to be shared.   You can go back in as the user you want to have access to and use Open Other User's folder off of the File menu.   The other option is to go into the user's configuration of Outlook and you can set it to always open the other folder.   This approach gives access to both mailboxes at the same time.   If you want the user to have access to only one box you can configure that too.
JayCarter82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Easiest way is to go into the Exchange Management Console, right click the first user's mailbox and select Manage Full Access Permissions. You can then select the user you want to give access to and they should then be able to add that mailbox to their Outlook by going into Tools, Accounts, double clicking the account, going to More Settings and then on the 2nd tab of the dialog box adding the other user's mailbox.

Sorry if that's slightly vague, I've just pulled that from memory.
floyd197Author Commented:
It has worked. found the setting you mean. This should do it. Only thing I seem to
have the second users name and email  folders twice. I am assuming this should not happen
and is a bit of finger trouble on my part.
Yeah go back to the place you added the additional mailbox and make sure it's only there once. I'm not sure it would actually let you add the same one twice from memory though, so make sure you restart Outlook first. May be a glitch.

Happy to help :)
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