Outlook 2013 cannot open public folders in exchange 2007 (SBS2008)

I have a SBS2008 Server running well, I have exchange 2007 with SP3 on the server, I have recently upgraded two workstations to Office 2013 (Outlook 2013) and those 2 computers now cannot open the public email folders in Outlook. They can see the folders but cannot open them? I have searched everywhere for a solution, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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duzbinConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The only way i could get this issue resolved was to uninstalling Office 2013 and go back to 2010. Thanks for all the assistance.
Any error message?

try this link http://support.pushex.com/docs/outlook2013setup.pdf
duzbinAuthor Commented:
Tks, but Outlook works fine, the autodiscover works perfectly, it just wont allow me to open any public folders once in Outlook?
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duzbinAuthor Commented:
The error I receive is: Outlook cannot display this view, Unknown error. the weird thing is, the user can copy e-mails into the public folders, they just cannot view them! they get the error when clicking on any of the public folders listed.
nashim khanExchange AdministratorCommented:

Please go by this link.

If not work please reply.
duzbinAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks but I do not have exchange 2013 running, only office 2013, that is only if I have an exchange 2013 running which I do not, it's purely sbs2008 with exchange 2007, and the client has outlook 2013.
duzbinAuthor Commented:
MS Office 2013 is crap!
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