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Paging file issue

I have been monitoring a server and trying to resolve an issue we are experiencing. The server is a file server with a NAS attached. Randomly at different times users complain about the server freezing and consequentially rebooting the server is the only option. After rebooting the server the issue is resolved until the next time. I looked at Perfmon and all looks ok with the exception of Memory\Cache Bytes counter which is over 300mb. I have a couple of questions regarding this issue. Sorry for my ignorance but How can you tell if the operating system is using a paging file? Second questions is I know as far as the paging file it is 1.5 times the memory. I have seen websites that say put it on the c drive, others say the drive of the app and others a different drive. What is the rule of thumb here. I am using a server 2008 64 bit server.
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You can view if you have a paging file, and change the size of it by following these steps:
Open Control Panel -> Click System -> Choose Advanced System Settings from the left action bar -> Under the Advanced tab, there is a "Performance" section.  Click "Settings" ->  In the Advanced tab you can see the sub-section "Virtual Memory".

Virtual Memory would be your page file.  You can click "Change" to see the current and recommended sizes and modify them.  The page file is by default, I believe, placed onto the root of the C drive.  There is no setting in this location to change where it is saved to.
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i would look at the event logs in more detail; doubtful the pagefile is an issue unless someone manually changed the settings to either disabled or to a size that's extremely small

the cache bytes counter being that high could be normal; that measures the amount of file cache being used by the server which is to be expected as this is used as a file server

how much physical memory is present?
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Thanks for answering my question and I am well aware of that option. Let me be a bit more specific. What counter in Perfmon or a real time way I can know that the actual paging file is being used.
when you go to add a counter, under object paging file you can add % usage (current pagefile usage) and % usage peak (the highest usage level it has hit since last reboot)
You can view the current usage from the Task Manager, in the Performance tab.

In the "System" section there is "Commit".

Commit is the amount of Physical Memory + Virtual Memory.  You can tell how much Virtual Memory is being used by subtracting the Physical memory usage from the total memory usage.
I just found out the OS is not using the paging file. I wonder why the Operating system is not using the paging file even though it is setup. I checked other servers just to be on the safe side and they are using the paging file same setup./
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