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Help with Business Objects formula

I need a function like =NETWORKDAYS(start_date ,end_date, range of holidays to exclude  )from Excel.

Definition: Returns the number of whole working days between start_date and
end_date. Working days exclude weekends and any dates identified in
holidays. Use NETWORKDAYS to calculate employee benefits that accrue based
on the number of days worked during a specific term.
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Not sure how you want to implement this, inside an SQL query?, or as a Crystal formula?
If you need to exclude holidays you will need a table of those dates.

If SQL the then syntax will depend on the dbms vendor. e.g. For SQL Server without regard to holidays it would be, but this would not work as-is in Oracle:
,  (DATEDIFF(dd, StartDate, EndDate) + 1)
  -(DATEDIFF(wk, StartDate, EndDate) * 2)
  -(CASE WHEN DATENAME(dw, StartDate) = 'Sunday' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)
  -(CASE WHEN DATENAME(dw, EndDate) = 'Saturday' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)
  as working_days
, <<other fierlds >>
from your_table

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For Crystal formulas on this topic look no further than Ken Hamady's formulas:
The number of "Work Days" between two dates:

If you need inspiration on calendar tables try this article by Jim Horn:
Date Fun, Part One:  Build your own SQL calendar table to perform complex date expressions
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thank you very much, i also have 10 holidays, how to implement them
>>" i also have 10 holidays, how to implement them"

as a table
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Thank you, but how to make a table in Business Objects?
I have no idea, I was referring to a table in the database.

If you look back at Ken Hamady's formula you will see it is using database table for holidays.

By the way. when you use the term Business Objects are you talking about Crystal? or Webi? or something else?
(If it's Crystal then I can add that topic to this question for you)
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thank you for clarification, I am referring to Business Objects as Webi
If you must include holidays into the calculation I don't think you have any alternative, you have to place the holidays into a table in a database.

You still haven't identified the database type (vendor) so we can propose the correct sql query syntax
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I am referring to Business Objects as Webi
I am referring to the database underneath

e.g. Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, DB2,MySQL, Postgres ....
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I have no idea, what i know I am using Business Objects Webi front end
Then if you have no idea you will have dreadful trouble trying to get the syntax correct.

Q1: Are you able to find other queries that do any of these things?

concatenate 2 strings
replace a null with some other value
perform some date arithmetic

if we can see any of these we can make a judgement about the dbms vendor

Q2: Do you know if you directly accessing the underlying database or using a provided Universe?
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Q1. I can do all of those
Q2. I am quering thru provided Universe.
Q1: I was after some code snippets to look at ("if we can see any of these")

If you only have access to a Universe does that mean you cannot create tables?
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Are you serious? Why should I use Universe otherwise? You did not read the question. The question was how to create the formula (variable) in business object !
I did read the question, and I know you asked for just a formula. I gave you one for use in SQL Server and a reference to formulas for use in Crystal Reports (also part of Business Objects).

But you need more than a formula, you also need a table to hold information about the holidays. Perhaps this exists already?

If you don't have permission to create a table you will have a lot of trouble allowing for holidays.

& I'm not sure how to help further unless you can identify the database type.
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Thank you, but again, I have  no access to "database", so I do not know what to say. I understand that is not possible to create formula because i can not create Holiday table...
Have you tried the case expression I supplied? http:#a39667955
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yes, I did
it did not work
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