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I want to get information how the domain name registration happens between registrant an TLD. For example i want to registor domain. I am approaching godaddy for this. I want to know how they do this with TLD and how they enters the detail like test with TLD. I need a proceedure.

This is not an issue. Just I need this information

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
The really is no procedure other than signing up on their website and paying for it.  They do check to see if the domain name you want already belongs to someone else.

At a higher level, each registrar is approved for registering certain TLDs.  If you go to any registrar's search page (where you have to start), you will usually see a list of TLD options that they can register you under.  Go to this page and just enter any name you might be interested in and you will see what is available.  Of course, in their zeal to sell you something they bring a lot of things they apparently think might interest you.
kolathaya123Author Commented:
Thanks for the replay. I wanted to know how godaddy is registering with TLD. For example: .COM domain is with verisign. We requested godaddy , to register to register. I want to know what procedure they will follow with verisign.  are they creating A record? etc etc..
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
No, you are confusing Domain registration with DNS and name servers.  Godaddy is approved to register '.com' domains along with others, they don't need to do anything with Verisign.  Go to the link I posted and you will see the domains / TLDs that Godaddy is approved to register.  Though Verisign may have been the original registrar for the '.com', they are no longer the only one.  Many other domain registrar companies are approved for '.com' and other TLDs.

After registering your domain name, you will get hosting from some company like Godaddy or Network Solutions.  When you do that, you need to get the IP address of their Name Servers and go back to your Domain registrar and enter that in the appropriate fields there.

The hosting company then sets up your DNS (Domain Name Services) with the different records that are required.  It's normally done by the hosting company because they 'own' the IP addresses.
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kolathaya123Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

not got the correct ans
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I don't know why you say I didn't give you the correct answer.  I have registered over a dozen different domain names for myself on 4 different registrars and helped customers register another dozen and the procedure is always the same.  You just sign up with an accredited registrar and pay them.  Godaddy, Dotster,, and Network Solutions, they are all able to register '.com' domain names without contacting Verisign.  Also '.net' and '.org'.
kolathaya123Author Commented:
Hi Dave,

I wanted to know how Godaddy/Dotster is setting up the registration with the Top domain registers. I know how to register with godaddy/network solutions.. My question is how godday is adding A record/ any other record with Top domain (.COM) how they accessing their database etc.

Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You are still mixing up the Domain Name Registrar with the Domain Name Server system.  They are two Different functions.  After you register your domain name, you sign up for hosting and the hosting company gives you the name of their "Nameservers" that handle your hosting and email.  You go back to your Domain Name Registrar and enter that in the field for "Nameservers".  Your Domain Name Registrar then sends that information to the "authoritative registry" for that TLD.  For '.com' that would be Verisign.  More info about who can register a '.com' and other TLDs with Verisign can be found here:

Then the DNS records like the "A Record" and "MX Record" are normally setup at your hosting company.  The "authoritative registry" like Verisign provides the nameserver address to the DNS servers which then look up the exact records at the hosting company nameserver.  The "authoritative registry" does Not provide the A and MX records, it just provides the address of the server where they can be found.

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