Cannot VPN in woith all laptops through Cisco Router

We recently changed servers in small office.   But we did not touch the Cisco Router other than change the IP address of the DHCP server to the new server.   Since then certain laptops that used to work on VPN will no longer connect.   We are using Cisco Quick VPN.  A couple of laptops can VPN in.   The ones that can't get an error message of 5 different possible reasons.   The one link that we found on two of the laptops that cannot connect was they are running ESET anti-virus.  But we even temporarily disabled eset and it still will not work.   Any ideas why this is happening?
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tmoore1962Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the running config on cisco, see if it's configured to authenticate users using active directory or other references to the 'old' servers could be name server helper reference etc
syssolutAuthor Commented:
Tmoore.    Looked in Active Directory, and there are no apparent references to the old server.   It is using the updated active directory.
syssolutAuthor Commented:
This customer it person had take over the issue and supposedly finally got the issue resolved.   Sorry I don't have the exact fix.
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