I need to whip up a quick marketing/advertising plan

My app, EZ-IQ, was just presented on History Channel and Bio Channel with this 60 second piece.


Plans from NewsWatch:

There aren’t specific dates for the social media campaigns, but for the next two weeks we will promote and feature the video on the following channels:
YouTube, Vimeo, Video Bash, Top App Videos, Digg, Stupid Videos, Flickr, DailyMotion, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, NewsWatch Blog, NewsWatchtv.com, and a few others.
We will also release a national press release on EZ-IQ being featured on NewsWatch.  At the end of the process, 4-5 weeks from today, I’ll send you a report with links to our work and all the analytics we can give you.


I hope to find things I can do which will complement their efforts and not get in the way.

I am planning an emailing campaign. I will get aggressive about back-links to my site. SEO Optimization.

What ideas do you have that I can do to get my site and app more visibility?

newbiewebSr. Software EngineerAsked:
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Mark GrondinCommented:
Here are some marketing channels that you could use:

email marketing (as you said): if you have a reasonable list, or you can rent lists from reputable publications that would contain a high-volume of your prospects (e.g. is there and app magazine that you can use for advertising/emailing)

SEO(as you said): This is going to take some time to stick, likely 1-3 months

PPC Advertising: - you can put your ad for searched around targeted keywords. Make sure the keywords are well targeted, e.g. "IQ building app", "brain training app", "brain training" There are lots of ways to get keywords, including through Google and looking at competitors.

Display Ad Retargeting: getting display ads in front of users who have been to your site. You can do this through Google using the same interface as AdWords, or through companies like AdRoll. You can also try to use Search Engine Retargeting, but I have not had good experiences with that.

Buying ad space on targeted websites: This is similar to the email strategy of renting lists. See if you can get the ads through Google Adwords, or directly with the sites whose userbase matches your prospects.

Social Marketing: Get your own messages out on social channels including, at least, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and maybe LinkedIn.

Affiliate Marketing: This one will take a bit more effort, but there may be good affiliates out there generating money for app companies.  Expect to spend a good amount of effort and some money getting this going, and it will take a while to work.

These are some quick ideas, and there are a million more.  A good long-terms strategy would probably involve content marketing (i.e. creating content that prospects for your app would want to consume, then syndicating this content around).

There are also some more app-specific marketing tactics that you can use, such as getting good reviews, getting it into alternative marketplaces, e.g. Amazon's app marketplace, testing freemium models, etc.

Hopefully this gives you a decent start, but let me know if you have more questions.

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newbiewebSr. Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Awesome answers! Thanks.
Mark GrondinCommented:
Glad I could help.  Keep asking if you have more questions...
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