Cannot Access Shared Files

I am trying to create a cluster. I keep getting a connection error when running cluster validation wizard. So i can't run the test. I decided to share a file on each node.

I noticed that from my workstations and my domain controller I can go to my Network and all my computers and server icons pop up. When i click both node a and b from my domain controller I can access the shared file fine. But when i try to access node b's shared folder from node a it times out. the same is also true when I try to access node a's shared frolder from node b.

is this a DNS issue? Also i notice I see the little exclamation point show up on my little network connection icon in the bottom right hand corner, however all my ip setting and dns settings are correct on the NICs.

Any suggestions?
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
Your Comment:
" I ran IPconfig with auto DNS detection enabled and it shows my comcast DNS not my DNS servers".

What are these two DNS servers ?

Out of two the one which is your Domain DNS server should be in network card properties of both cluster nodes as primary DNS address.

MEATBALLHEROAuthor Commented:
I just set both servers Network cards to autodetect IP and Auto DNS and not everything works lighting fast. I click the server icons and it takes me right to the shared folder. When i type the DNS servers back in on the NIC it slows dow dramatically and takes almost 30 seconds to get to the same shared folders.

What could this be?

I ran IPconfig with auto DNS detection enabled and it shows my comcast DNS not my DNS servers.
Can you post both server ipconfig /all output with automatic and manual DNS configuration please

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MEATBALLHEROAuthor Commented:
I can ping both nodes from any workstation.

However I can't ping each node form the other node. And fire wal is disabled for private, domain and public on both nodes. I have 2008 server r2 domain and each node is 2008 server r2 with svcpck 1.

Could my router have anything to do with this?
Does these two servers are cloned virtual machines ? or you may be just copied same vhd or vmdk files for both servers.
in that case both machines network card MAC and SID may be same.
Thats why may be both servers are unable to connect to each other.
In that case you can delete virtual network card from both machine settings on host server and add new network cards
Also run sysprep on both machines to diffentiate SID
Then you can check

MEATBALLHEROAuthor Commented:
These are physical servers not virtual. They are installed from CD. However, I did back each up when they were just workgroup before joining them to domain. I did a restore on one of them. And I know I didn't mix them up. Could there be a DNS issue because I had to go and delte all the computer names, Host A, And PTR records from DNS so i could join them back under the same server names.
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