Completing- The Running startup scriprs during window XP startup process takes long time.


We had windows 2008 secondary DC and XP. We built a new window server 2012 and migrated all the shares and to the new server and changed the scripts to point to the new server. Now when I switch on the workstations,

on the screen it says :
Applying computer settings
Preparing network connections
Applying security settings
Running the startup scripts.

At the Running startup scripts stage it is taking 6-10 minutes for the Cntrl+Alt+Del to login
Screen to appear . I am not sure why it is taking so long now and what is happening in the background.

Any help to sort this will be really helpful.

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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
Once you logged on client computer go to run and enter below command
This should resolve to netbios name of local autheticating DC
If you get error message here, then probably client might face issues to connect to DC over netbios.
check below dns settings on client computers. in advanced tcp/ip setings dns tab.
ensure that "Append Primary and connection specific dns suffixes" radio button is selected
Ensure that "Append parent suffixes of primary dns suffix" checkbox is selected
Ensure that "register this connection addresses in Dns" checkbox is selected
If there is any deviation in the above settings, its probably you will face name resolution and DC connectivity issues

If running above command, resolved to another domain controller netbios name other than its own site, then script processing might take more time
In that case you need to check client subnet asignment in ad sites -services and need to correct site mapping.

Run gpupdate /force on client computer and then
Run rsop.msc on client computer and check what policies are applied on client computers, specially startup scripts

Also locate GPO on OU in which XP client computer is located, edit that GPO and enable "Run Startup scripts asynchronously" under Computer Configuration\administrative templates\system\scripts\

Disable windows firewall on client computer...
Hope that helps to start with troubleshooting..

SandeshdubeyConnect With a Mentor Senior Server EngineerCommented:
This could be due multiple resaons as mahesh suggested in addition i will recommend to ensure correct dns setting on DC and client as this.

Check the health of DCs too as you have promoted new DC run dcdiag /q and repadmin /replsum to check the same.If error is reported post the same.

It could be also due to GPO which may be causing the issue.Check the event log on client computer in application /system you will get evidence which gpo is causing the issue.

You can also enable user environment debug logging.
How to enable user environment debug logging in retail builds of Windows
UserEnv Debugging Line by Line
Use Windows 7 Event Viewer to track down issues that cause slower boot times
What’s Taking So Long? How to Fight Slow Startup Times in Windows 7

Reference link:
lianne143Author Commented:
The logon Scripts was still pointing to the 2008 old server and when i changed the path  to the new server it is quick.
But after i log in as a administrator or a domain user the desktop icons are taking 10 minutes to load.I tried moving the PC to different OU in the AD and its the same.So dont know where the issue would be.

We use only local profile.

Your help much appreciated!
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SandeshdubeySenior Server EngineerCommented:
The issue is on single client computer or all what is the os version of client computer.Does the screen turns blank.

See below link is helpful

Perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program:

Block all the GP policy and check how does it work.
MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
Is issue is happening with all XP machines ?

can you check one thing please ?

are you able to access 2012 server through UNC path from client computers ?

Are they able to resolve it immediately ?

lianne143Author Commented:
Mahesh can I know your email
Don't want to disclose publically here

You can communicate your issues and answers here please

lianne143Author Commented:
Mahesh do you do any freelance and my mail is:
Hi lianne,


I am working for IT consultancy firm and working as Solution architect (Consultant) there
We do projects for AD+Exchange consolidation \ migration, Virtualization and implementing other windows server roles such as ADFS, RMS, DFS, PKI and so on

Its not possible to do freelancing at this point of time
I am here to answer questions as much as possible


lianne143Author Commented:
Thanks Mahesh

Much appreciated , Is it possible to alert you in my future posts!
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