Is there any free Software to take backup and Restore the system?


I have Windows 7 and Windows 8 Computers. I want to take backup and Restore the system When the system crash or When it get affected with Virus. I am looking for a free open source software that can help me.  Please also list down the steps to take backup and restore system for the software you suggest?
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Blue Street TechConnect With a Mentor Last KnightCommented:
Hi sivakugan,

For systems restores...just you Windows Restore!
For backups just you Windows Backup and backup to an external drive.
Keep in mind that simply restoring to a previous restore point using ANY software does *not* remove a malware infection it only corrects the affects that the infection had on the system. Furthermore, the wholes it creates and the virus itself will still remain there and require proper sanitizing in addition to performing a restore point. The only way to truly sanitize a PC from an infection is to wipe the disk and reload Windows but most do not do this. The primary reason this is the only method is due to the security holes and exploits the infections leave in their tracks even after they have been removed.

Both are included (free) and native to Windows!
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
They're not technically free... You paid for them you bought Windows :)
noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
Hee you find a free and much better than Windows Backup software:
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
I'd say in the past Windows backup has really sucked with an average successful restore rate of only 41%...but since Windows 7, Windows Backup is now competitive and furthermore solid in both features and successful restore rates. The context here is free...therefore I'd never recommend a solution like this for a corporate backup solution but for personal use it's great.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i also recommend Paragon B&R, but if you want, there are many free others around
so i give you these sites to look at and choose from :

even more here
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
Remember the old axiom "You get what you pay for"

Free may seem a good idea, but have you thought it through properley?

Think about how much your data is worth (to you) and how much (especially time) it will take you to regenerate that data - even if you can. NB remember to cost your time.

If you are honest with yourself, you will be surprised how much money that lot adds up to!

Can you now justify compromising your backup regime by only considering Free software?
well - i never had problems with the free one, and i used it a lot for repairs
and the free one is part of the commercial one - so why should they make it less good?
it is used as advertising instrument
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Agreed with nobus. Free one is the same as commercial one, it has simply only basic features such as backup and recovery and sometimes no support. More sophisticated ones are available for money.
The question is - what exactly is needed? IMHO for backup and recovery the free one is ok.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
I've been doing IT maintenance and monitoring for a while now, and while I do not know if paid backup software is better than free, I certainly know that the free one works and it's good enough.

For my needs on Windows workstations (take daily incremental backups, full backups on weekends, notify by email once the backup is done/failed) CobianBackup is enough. And it's free.

For Linux servers and syncing between NAS's in different location, rsync works. And it's free.

I only buy backup software for Windows Servers, and that's for ease of use. It's simply faster to restore a working copy with full permissions from a VM or an exchange/SQL server backup using a paid application.

My 2¢

Gerald ConnollyCommented:
@nobus, noxcho & DanCracium - You are missing the point i was trying to make, yes free software might be oK, but as data is worth money (to someone) just restricting yourself to free software is irrational.

So look around a bit more and consider Free AND low-cost software.
Connolly - you missed our point completely too :
since we say the free   and commercial is the same - why pay?
sivakuganAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys for your nice discussion.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Glad I could help...thanks for the points!
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