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In php if I want to store " I can use /" to tell php that it's not the string escape. Is there an equivalent in JavaScript?
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chaauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in javascript you can use \".
However, please note that you can use this as an alternative:
string s1 = 'testing "quoted text" in a string variable';
string s2 = "testing \"quoted text\" in a string variable";

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The s1 and s2 variables will contain exactly the same text.
The single quotes and double quotes are interchangeable. If you want to embed a double quote inside a string literal you can use single quotes on the outside
I believe you mean \"
It's the same escape char in Javascript : \

var words = "He say \"Yes, I will do it !!!\"";

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Or just use simple quote :
var words = 'He say "Yes, I will do it !!!"';

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Be aware that if you "store" escaped characters, you might need to escape them again later. I.e., if you store an escaped character in a .properties file and retrieve it later, it can need to be re-escaped before it is stored again after, say, a change is made to that property. Handling strings that contain escaped characters can be tricky. I've seen it be a painful thing to fix.

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