5000 ft and Fiber cabling

Ok so i am trying to get an idea on the cost to run a fiber optic cable about 6000 ft.  So I have a few questions to help me decide this.  I own some land and have two buildings that I need to connect but they are over 5000 ft away from each other.

1. Do I use multi mode or single mode fiber for this?
2. What kind of equipment would I need from end to end?

Any other great ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Gareth GudgerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Technically multi-mode or single-mode could do that distance. Its more of a question of what bandwidth you need. For 5000 feet, single mode is probably going to be the only solution to get you 1Gb or 10Gb. If you can handle 100Mb, then you can probably get away with multi-mode. Single-mode will cost you a lot more. The equipment depends on what switches and routers you own. You might  be able to draw the fiber directly into your switches/routers with GBICs otherwise you can use Fiber-Ethernet media converters.
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
I second what diggisaur said, but i would like to add something,  .. What is going to cost the most time and money is your contractor to dig and bury the fiber optic, while pulling permits.. Etc.
Gareth GudgerCommented:
You could also look at a radio bridge. I haven't done one of these in a while. Last time I did one it was based on the 802.11b standard and we could get about a mile on it with the right antennas on both ends. That was 11Mb back then but maybe there is a 802.11AC option now.
Two many options you can go .
Just to repeat what been sad.

1. No multimode, for this distance single mode, type of single mode could depends on hardware you will choose .
2. Fiber run can give you "unlimited bandwidth" and many options.
For example if just place 4" or biger pipe in a ground, you can run any cables now and in a future.
3. quick connection, can be done with wireless and go fiber later.
Craig BeckCommented:
You said "about 6000ft", so that's too close to 2km for me.  Go with single-mode, no question.

The available bandwidth across the link would depend on the optics you use.  If you need a gigabit link, pretty-much any single-mode optic would give you that (apart from a 100BASE optic obviously).  I'd go with a 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP.  That would give you a link up-to 10km over single-mode.

If you want to run 10G over the link you'd need to use at least a 10G LR module (not LRM).

You could put a wireless bridge link in but that would cost you if you want a gigabit link, and would be subject to reliability issues especially in wet conditions (depending on the technology you use).  Most 2.4GHz or 5GHz kit won't get anywhere near gigabit speeds - you'd need a 60GHz or 80GHz link to achieve true gigabit over the distance.  The 60GHz kit is the cheaper option but is more susceptible to rain fade.
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