System not booting

All of a sudden my system will not boot. I had turned on bitlocker on a removable USB hard drive. It had not finished totally securing the drive when I needed to reboot. So I clicked on pause for the bit locker application and then shut my system down and removed it and took over to a notebook where it completed encryption.

Could the fact that I paused the encryption on a removable drive cause my system is not boot

But upon attempting to reboot my desktop system it is constantly booting into the Windows to not start correctly would you like me to repair it menu. I let it launch repairs but of course my monitors with dark after running about 5 minutes as they often do I have the  plugged in keyboard. I'm not sure what the repair process is doing but it has pegged the disk drive indicator light.

I've set the bios to boot off the CD-ROM but for some reason I'm not getting that option so I can't boot into my diagnostic discs or even my ghosts restore disk. I previously changed it to boot off a floppy as I was attempting to flash the bios. I was able to upgrade the biosabout 6 months ago and it's been working fine. But this is the first time I've needed to boot into the DVD.

  Any suggestions on how to get it to boot off the DVD internal drive.

I appreciate your help,

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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Steve, it can be the cd drive - or media is bad, so :
-can you test if you can boot from the CD drive and media on a working PC?
you can alsotest on this pc with another CD drive- and media
also try setting cd drive first - not USB
and what cd are you booting from ?
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>  Any suggestions on how to get it to boot off the DVD internal drive.   <<  on most cases it does bot from it  - if you have a bootable cd in it
if it doesnot, check the boot Priority in the bios, and set the DVD drive as first

are you using W7 ?
technocraft123Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you mean, you have set the boot priority from the BIOS and still unable to boot from the disc ? please let me know, if you use Windows 7 or not ?
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steveurichAuthor Commented:
I am running Win 7 Ultimate I updated the GigaByte Motherboard EX58-UD5 Bios to version 13 which is the latest. It still does not see the CD Rom to allow me to boot from it. I set the boot priority to be FHD (Thumb Drive), then CDROM and then HHD.

I used to get the prompt to boot from CDROM in Bios V12.

Is there anything else I need to do in the Bios?

Do you see anything like "Secure Boot" option in the BIOS, see the image below.
steveurichAuthor Commented:
Turns out that the fan to my graphics card died and that why the monitor was going dark.

Still trying to find out why I am not seeing the option to boot off of the CD Rom.

I am going to try updating the drivers, but will close the request for help.

Thanks for your help.
if the fan is replaced, chances are all is ok
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