Revoke Permissions for creator owner on files Only

I have a folder structure in place with parent and subfolders. I need to run a script so that it will revoke the permissions of the user who created it for files only.

i.e. If a User copies a file to the folder the write permissions for the file regardless of the name should be revoked.

Can the SUBINACL command do this?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No script needed. Simply setup NTFS permissions correctly:
For the user or user group, check the following boxes:
--However, all this will have no meaning, if we wouldn't set the share permissions to everyone:change (instead of everyone:full) as well!--
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Would it be easier to have a script that changes the ownership of all files in the folder in a scheduled process? This way the complexities of allowing someone to create but not write but still read without modify... etc... do not exist. Sounds very messy and hard to troubleshoot.
VirastaRUC Tech Consultant Commented:
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

GulfITAuthor Commented:
Further on this i have found the subinacl command with the filesonly switch but it does not remove permissions from the subfolders.

Is there a command to revoke permissions from all the files in the directory structure?
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Take ownership of all folders and subfolders and add desired permissions using standard ACL.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Create the desired permissions on a file that you will use as template. Then use the following in powershell:

$path = "\path\to\files"
$template = "\path\to\template"
$templateACL = Get-Acl $template

$fileInfo = Get-ChildItem -path $path -Recurse:1 -file
foreach ($i in $fileInfo.fullname) {Set-Acl $i $templateACL}

Replace "\path\to\files" and "\path\to\template" with actual paths.

This will copy permissions from the template to all the files inside that folder, and only to files.

You need to replace Full control NTFS permissions with modify for all users and groups on the ACL except administrators.
Then You can remove "Creator owner" group with advanced NTFS permissions with replace option of folder root to remove owner of all files probably.

Once you remove "creator owner" group, then from next time user will not be able to take ownership and full rights of files

GulfITAuthor Commented:
I need to revoke the permissions so that there even cannot write to the file. Thus a script running every night will need to take place.

The whole idea is the remove the write permissions to files that a perticular group is creating but these need to apply only to files not folders.
I know - I showed you how to set it up - it's tested. No need for a script.
If you are not satisfied, you can change the settings to "apply to files only"
What you can do setup new shared folder with administrators full control and authenticated users Change share permissions.You should be logged on with account having administrators rights on server.

Now you need to go to NTFS security and 1st you need to remove inheritence on folder and then remove all users and groups including system, creator owner and so on.
Then add server\administrators with full control and authenticated users with read+write NTFS permissions on the folder and click apply.
Now edit advanced security permissions, revoke write attributes and write extended attributes from authenticated users and click apply.
Mcknife is correct, only you need to revoke above two permissions in addition as mentioned above.

Now users need to work on their document stored on their desktop and once they copied it to share folder, their access to that document will get revoke automatically
They cannot rename or edit the document.
Only they can read the document.They even can't overwrite the new document with same name

This is what I think you are looking for.
This is tested and working fine

GulfITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the update. I have applied the same permissions but cannot rename the folders.
I don't understand what you are saying ?

Do you want to rename the folder ?

Once you revoke write attributes and write extended attributes from folder root, you cannot rename \ overwrite \ modify files and folder.
User need to work on documents on their desktop \ workstations and then they only can copy the document in shared folder
Once document gets copied there, all their rights will get revoked except read.

If I am not wrong, this is what you are trying to achieve
Lets share you requirement please if you are not agreed with above

GulfITAuthor Commented:
Still not get any reply as what you are looking exactly for ?
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