Inserting Drop Down Date picker in Excel VBA Userform

I have a user form for entering several date and time information.  For ease of data entry I'd like to utilize the date and time picker in Excel 2010.  I want the user to click on a "Date"  button in field A and have the date picker pop up and they can select the date and have it populate field A.  Then they would move to the next fiield click on the "Date" button and they can select the date and have it populate filed B.  Here are my questions:

1.  What is the best way to accomplish this?
2. Since I will be calculating durations is it best to enter the date and time in one field or do it seperate fields.  

Hope this helps.
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David LoConnect With a Mentor Information Technology ConsultantCommented:
This page might make more sense to you.
David LoInformation Technology ConsultantCommented:
1. Check out this tutorial:

2. I would use a separate field to calculate durations.
Rrave26Author Commented:
This article seems to apply to putting a drop down calendar on an excel spreadsheet.  Will this work if I want the calendar to pop up on the userform I've created?
Rrave26Author Commented:
Not ignoring you, I will take a look at that solution.
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