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Mail question on Linux Centos

Last Modified: 2013-11-27
Dear Experts,
I attach port definition from wiki,
Dear Experts,

1-What is major different between SMTP, POP3, IMAP ?

2- What is major different between SMTP, SENDMAIL, PSOTIX ?

3-We always see the word of POP3 is sticked with IMAP, and
STMP is sticked with POSTIX and SENDMAIL, why those are so related ?

4-I know squirrelmail is toll to display email only, but why squirrelmail tools
will know to connect /home/mylogin/mail directory and the email folder ?
I try to copy the email in such directory, for example, support email folder
in /home/myloginmail to new folder such as supportnew but squirrel too
doesn't include supportnew folder. Why ? Whether POP3/IMAP
need to take care all setup for email folder directory so squirrel tools
will get it correctly. How to make sure the tool could also include supportnew
folder. I know I can do it in cpanel, but I had no longer to use it .

Those question reply  is no need as research reports just a brief or idea to let me going into right direction but need a key word to explain it .

Please advise


20 & 21: File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
22: Secure Shell (SSH)
23: Telnet remote login service
25: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
53: Domain Name System (DNS) service
80: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) used in the World Wide Web
110: Post Office Protocol (POP3)
119: Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
143: Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)

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repeat question 4 only and it is last one if possible,

When I  am in squirrel tools, I can see
the email folder for example, support@mysite.com and then I
go to my directory at /home/mylogin/mail/mysite.com that I can
see support directory and email in /home/mylogin/mail/mysite.com/support/

So I try to copy support directory to new directory like supportnew folder
for testing, and then logout and login again squirrel tools, but I only
see support@mysite.com,   and supportnew@mysite.com is not existed.
I know it is not good test.

The question is I want to ask how squirrel tools will know where it can
find  my support@mysite.com but not supportnew@mysite.com ?
I check all config.php or related file  in  squirrel 's folder that is no
any hint to find out my question answer.

So I believe there must be setup everything done from or by adduser or http.conf to
let squirrel to find out all email folder

 OR email Setup in Cpanel to handle everything for squirrel, if no cpanel, how I can change
to include all email folder directory path besides /home/myogin/mail/mysite.com ?

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Okay, for example,

I created newuser account from adduser and them I make
directory of newuser at /home such as /home/newusers
and then I copy the support directory in /home/mylogin/mail/mysite.com/support
into /home/newusers/mail/newuser.com/supportnew directory

And then logout and login squirrel with newuser login name and its password

after that  I will see supportnew@newuser.com  mail folder on squirrel even I do not have
such newuser.com domain name because supportnew@newusers.com is just
folder only .

But how squirrel will know to go to /home/newuser/mail ? so it must
set up from http.conf, if need http.conf so it needs real newusers.com domain name ?

So confusing,

If what I said that is right, why one domain can have many email address ? I think  I need
supportnew@mysite.com that is possible without need additional or new domain name
of newuser.com  

So it seems there is two question
1- How to have one addition email address at the same domain, mysite.com
2- How to have one new email account at the newuser account and newuser.com
domain name and newuser account password

I need to take a rest and offline, and will continue this after 8 hours, have a nice working day  ,and thanks

Please advise

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The question 4 in this thread is deleted since it is not good
way to create email address or folder



Thanks for all of your reply

now it is better for solving mail issue

Have a nice working day

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