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Another Apache PHP question

Post Migration to CenttOS This page has stopped working


I'm missing something (last time I had a problem i was missing php5-gd what am I missing this time

Here's my php install info http://www.petenetlive.com/Captcha/phpinfo.php

Here's the code from the page

php easy :: whois lookup script
Author:      php easy code, www.phpeasycode.com
Web Site:    http://www.phpeasycode.com
Contact:     webmaster@phpeasycode.com

$domain = $_GET['domain'];

// For the full list of TLDs/Whois servers see http://www.iana.org/domains/root/db/ and http://www.whois365.com/en/listtld/
$whoisservers = array(
	"ac" =>"whois.nic.ac",
	"ae" =>"whois.nic.ae",
	"af" =>"whois.nic.af",
	"ag" =>"whois.nic.ag",
	"al" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"am" =>"whois.amnic.net",
	"arpa" =>"whois.iana.org",
	"as" =>"whois.nic.as",
	"asia" =>"whois.nic.asia",
	"at" =>"whois.nic.at",
	"au" =>"whois.aunic.net",
	"az" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"ba" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"be" =>"whois.dns.be",
	"bg" =>"whois.register.bg",
	"bi" =>"whois.nic.bi",
	"biz" =>"whois.biz",
	"bj" =>"whois.nic.bj",
	"br" =>"whois.registro.br",
	"bt" =>"whois.netnames.net",
	"by" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"bz" =>"whois.belizenic.bz",
	"ca" =>"whois.cira.ca",
	"cat" =>"whois.cat",
	"cc" =>"whois.nic.cc",
	"cd" =>"whois.nic.cd",
	"ch" =>"whois.nic.ch",
	"ci" =>"whois.nic.ci",
	"ck" =>"whois.nic.ck",
	"cl" =>"whois.nic.cl",
	"cn" =>"whois.cnnic.net.cn",
	"com" =>"whois.verisign-grs.com",
	"coop" =>"whois.nic.coop",
	"cx" =>"whois.nic.cx",
	"cy" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"cz" =>"whois.nic.cz",
	"de" =>"whois.denic.de",
	"dk" =>"whois.dk-hostmaster.dk",
	"dm" =>"whois.nic.cx",
	"dz" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"edu" =>"whois.educause.edu",
	"ee" =>"whois.eenet.ee",
	"eg" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"es" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"eu" =>"whois.eu",
	"fi" =>"whois.ficora.fi",
	"fo" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"fr" =>"whois.nic.fr",
	"gb" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"gd" =>"whois.adamsnames.com",
	"ge" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"gg" =>"whois.channelisles.net",
	"gi" =>"whois2.afilias-grs.net",
	"gl" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"gm" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"gov" =>"whois.nic.gov",
	"gr" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"gs" =>"whois.nic.gs",
	"gw" =>"whois.nic.gw",
	"gy" =>"whois.registry.gy",
	"hk" =>"whois.hkirc.hk",
	"hm" =>"whois.registry.hm",
	"hn" =>"whois2.afilias-grs.net",
	"hr" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"hu" =>"whois.nic.hu",
	"ie" =>"whois.domainregistry.ie",
	"il" =>"whois.isoc.org.il",
	"in" =>"whois.inregistry.net",
	"info" =>"whois.afilias.info",
	"int" =>"whois.iana.org",
	"io" =>"whois.nic.io",
	"iq" =>"vrx.net",
	"ir" =>"whois.nic.ir",
	"is" =>"whois.isnic.is",
	"it" =>"whois.nic.it",
	"je" =>"whois.channelisles.net",
	"jobs" =>"jobswhois.verisign-grs.com",
	"jp" =>"whois.jprs.jp",
	"ke" =>"whois.kenic.or.ke",
	"kg" =>"www.domain.kg",
	"ki" =>"whois.nic.ki",
	"kr" =>"whois.nic.or.kr",
	"kz" =>"whois.nic.kz",
	"la" =>"whois.nic.la",
	"li" =>"whois.nic.li",
	"lt" =>"whois.domreg.lt",
	"lu" =>"whois.dns.lu",
	"lv" =>"whois.nic.lv",
	"ly" =>"whois.nic.ly",
	"ma" =>"whois.iam.net.ma",
	"mc" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"md" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"me" =>"whois.meregistry.net",
	"mg" =>"whois.nic.mg",
	"mil" =>"whois.nic.mil",
	"mn" =>"whois.nic.mn",
	"mobi" =>"whois.dotmobiregistry.net",
	"ms" =>"whois.adamsnames.tc",
	"mt" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"mu" =>"whois.nic.mu",
	"museum" =>"whois.museum",
	"mx" =>"whois.nic.mx",
	"my" =>"whois.mynic.net.my",
	"na" =>"whois.na-nic.com.na",
	"name" =>"whois.nic.name",
	"net" =>"whois.verisign-grs.net",
	"nf" =>"whois.nic.nf",
	"nl" =>"whois.domain-registry.nl",
	"no" =>"whois.norid.no",
	"nu" =>"whois.nic.nu",
	"nz" =>"whois.srs.net.nz",
	"org" =>"whois.pir.org",
	"pl" =>"whois.dns.pl",
	"pm" =>"whois.nic.pm",
	"pr" =>"whois.uprr.pr",
	"pro" =>"whois.registrypro.pro",
	"pt" =>"whois.dns.pt",
	"re" =>"whois.nic.re",
	"ro" =>"whois.rotld.ro",
	"ru" =>"whois.ripn.net",
	"sa" =>"whois.nic.net.sa",
	"sb" =>"whois.nic.net.sb",
	"sc" =>"whois2.afilias-grs.net",
	"se" =>"whois.iis.se",
	"sg" =>"whois.nic.net.sg",
	"sh" =>"whois.nic.sh",
	"si" =>"whois.arnes.si",
	"sk" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"sm" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"st" =>"whois.nic.st",
	"su" =>"whois.ripn.net",
	"tc" =>"whois.adamsnames.tc",
	"tel" =>"whois.nic.tel",
	"tf" =>"whois.nic.tf",
	"th" =>"whois.thnic.net",
	"tj" =>"whois.nic.tj",
	"tk" =>"whois.dot.tk",
	"tl" =>"whois.nic.tl",
	"tm" =>"whois.nic.tm",
	"tn" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"to" =>"whois.tonic.to",
	"tp" =>"whois.nic.tl",
	"tr" =>"whois.nic.tr",
	"travel" =>"whois.nic.travel",
	"tv" => "tvwhois.verisign-grs.com",
	"tw" =>"whois.twnic.net.tw",
	"ua" =>"whois.net.ua",
	"ug" =>"whois.co.ug",
	"uk" =>"whois.nic.uk",
	"us" =>"whois.nic.us",
	"uy" =>"nic.uy",
	"uz" =>"whois.cctld.uz",
	"va" =>"whois.ripe.net",
	"vc" =>"whois2.afilias-grs.net",
	"ve" =>"whois.nic.ve",
	"vg" =>"whois.adamsnames.tc",
	"wf" =>"whois.nic.wf",
	"ws" =>"whois.website.ws",
	"yt" =>"whois.nic.yt",
	"yu" =>"whois.ripe.net");

function LookupDomain($domain){
	global $whoisservers;
	$whoisserver = "";
	foreach($whoisservers as $tld=>$server) {
		if(substr($domain, -strlen($tld)) == $tld) {
			$whoisserver = $server;
	if(!$whoisserver) {
		return "Error: No appropriate Whois server found for $domain domain!";
	$result = QueryWhoisServer($whoisserver, $domain);
	if(!$result) {
		return "Error: No results retrieved from $whoisserver server for $domain domain!";
	else {
		while(strpos($result, "Whois Server:") !== FALSE){
			preg_match("/Whois Server: (.*)/", $result, $matches);
			$secondary = $matches[1];
			if($secondary) {
				$result = QueryWhoisServer($secondary, $domain);
				$whoisserver = $secondary;
	return "$domain domain lookup results from $whoisserver server:\n\n" . $result;

function LookupIP($ip) {
	$whoisservers = array(
		//"whois.afrinic.net", // Africa - returns timeout error :-(
		"whois.apnic.net", // Asia/Pacific - OK :-)
		"whois.arin.net", // North America - OK :-)
		"whois.lacnic.net", // Latin America and some Caribbean - OK :-)
		"whois.ripe.net" // Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia - OK :-)
	$out = array();
	foreach($whoisservers as $whoisserver) {
		$result = QueryWhoisServer($whoisserver, $ip);
		if(preg_match("/Country: (.*)/i", $result, $matches)) {
			$out[]= "lookup results for $ip from $whoisserver server:\n\n" . $result;
	return count($out) . " RESULTS FOUND:\n-------------\n" . implode("\n\n-------------\n\n", $out);

function ValidateIP($ip) {
	$ipnums = explode(".", $ip);
	if(count($ipnums) != 4) {
		return false;
	foreach($ipnums as $ipnum) {
		if(!is_numeric($ipnum) || ($ipnum > 255)) {
			return false;
	return $ip;

function ValidateDomain($domain) {
	if(!preg_match("/^([-a-z0-9]{2,100})\.([a-z\.]{2,8})$/i", $domain)) {
		return false;
	return $domain;

function QueryWhoisServer($whoisserver, $domain) {
	$port = 43;
	$timeout = 10;
	$fp = @fsockopen($whoisserver, $port, $errno, $errstr, $timeout) or die("Socket Error " . $errno . " - " . $errstr);
	if($whoisserver == "whois.verisign-grs.com") $domain = "=".$domain; // whois.verisign-grs.com requires the equals sign ("=") or it returns any result containing the searched string.
	fputs($fp, $domain . "\r\n");
	$out = "";
		$out .= fgets($fp);
	return $out;

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And the form that calls it

    <form action="<?=$_SERVER['file:///C|/Users/PeteLong/AppData/Local/Temp/7zOF27C.tmp/PHP_SELF'];?>">
<p><b><label for="domain">Domain/IP Address:</label></b> <input type="text" name="domain" id="domain" value="<?=$domain;?>"> <input type="submit" value="Lookup"></p>
if($domain) {
	$domain = trim($domain);
	if(ValidateIP($domain)) {
		$result = LookupIP($domain);
	elseif(ValidateDomain($domain)) {
		$result = LookupDomain($domain);
	else die("Invalid Input!");
	echo "<pre>\n" . $result . "\n</pre>\n";

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Can anyone see what Im missing?

Bear in mind I don't know code form beans :(

Pete Long
Pete Long
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Looks like something to do with short tags, which are no longer on.

<form action="<?=$_SERVER['file:///C|/Users/PeteLong/AppData/Local/Temp/7zOF27C.tmp/PHP_SELF'];?>">

<form action="
echo $_SERVER['file:///C|/Users/PeteLong/AppData/Local/Temp/7zOF27C.tmp/PHP_SELF'];



<?php echo $domain; ?>

Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
From your phpinfo: short_open_tag is off, asp_tags is off

So you either get your host to change this to on, or you use the changes from above.

You'll need to change <? to <?php in all your php files.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
The revised code:
<form action="<?php
  echo $_SERVER['file:///C|/Users/PeteLong/AppData/Local/Temp/7zOF27C.tmp/PHP_SELF'];
      <label for="domain">Domain/IP Address:</label>
    <input type="text" name="domain" id="domain" value="<?php echo $domain;?>"> 
    <input type="submit" value="Lookup">

if($domain) {
	$domain = trim($domain);
	if(ValidateIP($domain)) {
		$result = LookupIP($domain);
	elseif(ValidateDomain($domain)) {
		$result = LookupDomain($domain);
	else die("Invalid Input!");
	echo "<pre>\n" . $result . "\n</pre>\n";

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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Boom! You are spot on


a Quick question If I may?

If I wanted to enable short tags how would I do it? (would the above code still work?)
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
The easiest way, if your host did not disable it, is to add the following to your .htaccess file:

php_value short_open_tag 1
php_value asp_tags 1

The above code will work regardless of the state of short_open_tag and asp_tags.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi Dan,

I tried that and it didn't work

So I edited the php,ini file


short_open_tag = Off


short_open_tag = On

Bounced Apache - and that worked.

Thanks for all your help m8 - Much appreciated
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
I did not realize you had your own server, I assumed you're on shared hosting.

Yes, modifying php.ini and then restarting apache works too :)

You're welcome.
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