Win8 apps open and immediately close

Once I open and app it loads and immediately closes. Ive tried so many fixes online and i have the same problem. Any ideas?
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tmoore1962Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just had a brand new Lenovo when IE 11 got installed couldn't install the user applications on the system. Errors in event log when trying to install the app or remove the Symantec trial av for the app tech support pointed at the iertutil.dll being corrupt.  Only way to resolve issue was to do a factory restore, immediately turned off windows updates and installed everything and blocked IE 11 installation.
HAS IE 11 been installed,  if so remove it
IT_FanaticAuthor Commented:
That's been installed since day 1. So i dont see how IE11 would be an issue
Please try another user first. If no second user is present, create one.
IT_FanaticAuthor Commented:
Your correct on that. Factory install is the only way i fixed it.
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