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Which scenario will result in a dead printer?

I had a HP 1220C and used it quite often. The power switch went bad and would not turn off or on normally. Frequent on and off may have been a contributing factor.

I'm now using a 895Cse.

It is better to leave it on 24 hours a day or turn it on and off multiple times a day.
And why or why not?

Leaving it on could eventually kill the power supply.......?
Off and on eventually ruins the on / off switch.......?
4 Solutions
"It is better to leave it on 24 hours a day or turn it on and off multiple times a day.
And why or why not?"

Leaving it on will certainly consume more power, but that may be offset by the excess use (loss) of ink that occurs each time you power it on, as it will run a head cleaning cycle on every power on.

The on / off switch failing is the lesser concern here.
Just the whole "firing up process" over and over again will cause more wear on the printer than just simply leaving it on.

It is most common practice and I would say best practice to just leave the printer on, unless you have a deliberate reason for turning it off.
"Leaving it on could eventually kill the power supply.......?"

No, the power used on standby mode is minimal.
Except the risk of power surges from lightning strikes the power supply is not a concern.

Also if you use it quite often each day and if you do not have risk of power surges from lightning strikes, then it will be more ecconomical to leave it on 24Hrs due to the ink head cleaning cycle that it runs each time you turn it on.
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I prefer to switch inkjets on when needed. As Michael-Best states, switching them on starts a head cleaning cycle, which will help keeping the printhead working properly. Yes it does waste ink, but it will avoid wasted prints and time consuming manual cleaning cycles when the heads do clog. If the printer is used in an office, turn it on in the morning, and off at night.

Lasers do not require this frequent cleaning, and may as well be left on. Especially since modern printers only use a couple of watts when in standby.

Reliability will not really be affected: if you leave the printer on, it will still go into standby mode, where most of the electronics is switched off. Coming out of standby will generate the same power surge as powering up. This is especially true for lasers. With them, the vast majority of the power (1000W or thereabouts) is used to heat up the fuser to operating temperature.
nickg5Author Commented:
The on / off switch failing is the lesser concern here.
..............well, a perfectly good 1220C off / on switch went bad, so off and on, multiple times a day, possibly the caused the switch failure, thus the thinking about the switch on the current printer, a 895Cse, experiencing on and off versus on 24 hours a day.
nickg5Author Commented:
On 24 hours a day, it may go into standby mode but the green led stays on.
Also, I have not heard this old printer cleaning the heads when it is turned on.
I hear it doing something after the cover is closed after replacing the cartridge.
That may be the cartridges moving from the center to the far right where the cartridges stay when the printer is not being used.

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