\\IP Address is not accessible. You might not have permission to this network resource"

I have six windows 2003 servers (R2) with SP2 installed in a workgroup at 6 different sites (inc. separate subnets). On one server in particular, I am receiving sporadic connectivity when attempting to access shares by IP address and receive the following error:

 \\IP Address is not accessible. You might not have permission to this network resource".

Once I clear the errors and attempt to access it again, the share opens instantly without issue.

We are not using DNS for resolution. I have restarted the TCPIP NETBIOS HELPER and WORKSTATION services and the issue persists.

I am running continuous pings and there aren't any packets dropping.

Any thoughts
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pgm554Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Pinging and traceroute are elementary tools used for basic connectivity testing.

You are going through a packet switching network with a whole lot more complexity than ping and traceroute can trouble shoot.
A look at Server's Windows Application and System Logs (run eventvwr) could help. Are there any Errors/Warnings listed in the mentioned Logs?
broberc6Author Commented:
There is nothing related to the issue
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SandeshdubeySenior Server EngineerCommented:
try to add the ip address in the host recored of client computer and check how does it work.Also what are you using for name resolution.
could be a virus I have seen a virus stop //ipaddress to stop av update etc
So you are going through routers?

Have you configured IP helper on them for the various subnets?
broberc6Author Commented:
We are are not experiencing any other connections issues between any other servers between the sites. A couple things to note:

- This site is connected via a VPN connection to the other sites whom are on a MPLS.
- All servers in this scenario are in a workgroup, not a domain.
- Name resolution should not be an issue because we are using IP addresses to access the shares...
Talk to your MPLS provider,it sounds like it's on their end.
broberc6Author Commented:
Even if there are not any drops when pinging or no drops during a traceroute.
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