Exchange 2013 send emails from application to external users


I installed Exchange 2013 in our client environment. I was backup application to send emails to me in the event of failure. I can send emails internal email address but not to external email address.
I clicked on anonymous in all receive connectors and authenticated but still have same issue.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The port 25 Receive Connector is not configured for any kind of relaying, even authenticated. The Client Receive Connector which uses TLS is designed to do that.

If your application cannot use TLS then configure a new Receive Connector to accept email from the application only.

This is a design change from Exchange 2003, which allowed authenticated relaying by default on the SMTP virtual server and therefore was attacked frequently by spammers.

ukitsmeAuthor Commented:
I am authenticating as well.
ukitsmeAuthor Commented:
hi diggisaur,

That works but shouldn't authentication send emails by default
ukitsmeAuthor Commented:
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