Unable to rename or copy files in Windows 8

Suddenly we can't rename files in folder nor copy them to the same partition. We are running windows 8 home. When we copy to the desktop and rename the file it works. We are getting the following error:

" The filename you've specified is either invalid or too long. Specify a different filename"

Any hints?
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duncanb7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The file might be in use at the same time, so you can download unlocker as follow link,
and unlock the file and then rename it again, just try it , it might work


If unlocker is not working for your issue, you read the following articel to see any hint


Hope understand your question completely/ If not , please point it out

McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try a checkdisk on that partition.
Grayhat7Author Commented:
didn't work...
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Means that you started check disk but it found no errors?
If so, you should conduct some quick tests:
-does it happen to work with the built-in administrator?
-does it work in safe mode?
-does it work from the command line?
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Can you give us the command you are using to rename or are you doing this using Windows Explorer and then right clicking and renaming? Can you provide a few file names that are problematic or is it all file names?
Grayhat7Author Commented:

-does it happen to work with the built-in administrator? No
-does it work in safe mode? Will try and let you know
-does it work from the command line? No

@Duncan: thanks for the links, i will try on Monday and let you know

@lionelmm: we are renaming thru the right click menu. the files are .jpg
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Can you right click on one and check the permissions and let us see what those are with a screen shot? Thanks.
Grayhat7Author Commented:
The NTFS rights are as per the below:

Domain Admins: full permissions
Domain Users: read/write/list

Thanks -
McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What about safe mode?
Lionel MMConnect With a Mentor Small Business IT ConsultantCommented:
I suggest you go to a command prompt (Start, Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt or type cmd in Run). Once there cd\foldername (where the jpgs are located); then type
ren filename.jpg newname.jpg
and let us know what happens.
Grayhat7Author Commented:
thank you guys

@lionelmm: am receiving the same error
@McKnife: same error as well

I think we will format the machine and re-install all applications.
will keep you posted
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