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Draytek DV2710E ADSL2+ Router and Time Capsule PPPOA/PPPoE issue

In New Zealand all the ADSL lines use PPPoA and I want to use a Time Capsule to connect to my ISP and be the wireless network. However the TC only does PPPoE.

I have seen various conversations on Google about using a Draytek in Bridge mode to achieve this. Its PPPoA to PPPoE bridge feature is apparebtly what allows this on the Draytek Ve\igor 120 model. I could not get that model and got the       
DrayTek DV2710E ADSL2+ Router, 4 LAN ports, PPPoE/ /PPPoA Relay

I am struggling to get this up and running, I can get the Draytek to connect to the Internet as a modem but it doesnt do WIFI. I particularly want the TC to be the WIFI network

What is the best way to set this up? Anyone able to step me through this? (copied section below)
"The DrayTek Vigor 120 is an ADSL modem with an Ethernet connection; it is not a router but a true ADSL Ethernet Modem. By providing a PPPoE to PPPoA bridge, the connected device (firewall, router or PC) can log into the Internet (your ISP) directly and have full control over the ADSL connection - that makes the Vigor 120 a unique product. You can connect any device to the Vigor 120 which has a PPPoE client facility, which includes PCs, most Ethernet-WAN routers and the Apple Airport/Time Capsuleā„¢ products.

Other ADSL Ethernet 'modems' use workarounds to get a public IP address 'through' to your secondary device/client, requiring non-standard operation and complicated dual-stage setup (modem logs in, router routes) but the Vigor 120 provides the secondary device with a real routed IP connection and the ability to fully manage the connection, making setup easy. In most cases, the Vigor 120 needs no setup or configuration - just plug it in and set up your PC or router. All login/ISP details are entered on the connected client device, not the Vigor 120. The actual connection to your ISP is still PPPoA (unlike other modems which only provide PPPoE native bridging), which is the unique feature of this product and makes it compatible with all UK ISPs, where PPPoA is used as standard."
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yes put the draytek in bridge mode will allow you to use an external modem like the vigor 120 ok
parimpAuthor Commented:
parimpAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ian, that was what I expected also, I think I am getting the bridge mode working but struggling to get the Time Capsule to connect and login to the ADSL and be the wireless network
parimpAuthor Commented:
I found this and will be trying it today and will report back TPG is the ISP btw


I must give credit to Roy at Draytek support. After posting my message here yesterday I was contacted by Roy, and his advice worked for me. I'll get back to that in a minute, but thanks heaps to Roy.

The solution couldn't have been easier. In fact, the number of groups of different settings (none of which worked) posted over about 3 years on this forum, and on several Mac forums (including the official Apple one), and the total absence of any reference to this simple fix bemuses me. Even the Draytek official blog pages for setting up the modem for use with a Time Capsule provides settings that did not work.

After hours of stuffing about all I needed to do was,

1. Plug the modem directly to my Mac, and establish the internet connection with TPG. Once connected to the internet !!!DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS!!!

2. In the PPPoE Pass-through box check, "For Wired Lan"

3. Power the Time Capsule, unplug the modem cable from the Mac , and connect it to the Time Capsule WAN port

4. Connect a second cable from a Time Capsule LAN port to the Mac

5. Open the Airport utility, go to "Internet". At "Connect Using" enter PPPoE, then enter the TPG account name and password.

That's it.

I'm posting this so that it may prevent someone else from going through hours of frustration like I did. And many thanks again to Roy at Draytek Oz.
parimpAuthor Commented:
After many incorrect articles on the web, this is exactly what you need to do!
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