RedHat Linux - 5.8 - Drive info

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Easy question, I need to know the Type, Brand, Interface and Size of the HDDs in a HP DL380 gen 5

The system is running Red Hat Linux 5.8. I need to specifics of the storage so I can order a new Hard Drive. I checked on HPs website but wasn't able to find the exact HDD info.


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xtermConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is an easy one - install the hpacucli utility if you do not have it already, and run the following command:

hpacucli ctrl all show config detail

You'll see something like this in the output:

      physicaldrive 2:1
         SCSI Bus: 2
         SCSI ID: 1
         Status: OK
         Drive Type: Data Drive
         Interface Type: Parallel SCSI
         Transfer Mode: Ultra 3 Wide
         Size: 146.8 GB
         Transfer Speed: 160 MB/Sec
         Rotational Speed: 15000
         Firmware Revision: S3BA
         Serial Number: JDV8L50K
         Model: HITACHI HUS151414VL3800
castellansolutionsAuthor Commented:
ok I am having the Linux guy look at your command. I am almost certain that utility is not installed, do we need to restart the box after we install it?
Nope, you should be able to download it as an RPM - just make sure you get the right one for your architecture - the only thing you need to choose is whether it's 32-bit or 64-bit (run uname -p if you're not sure - i686 = 32-bit, x86_64 = 64 bit)

When you download the right rpm, just do:

rpm -Uvh hpacucli-*.rpm  

Immediately afterwards you should be able to run the command I gave you above.
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smartlctl -a /dev/sda
dmesg|grep -Pi 'sd|hd'

Open in new window

# cat /proc/scsi/scsi   ;will provide you the model and vendor
# fdisk -l                      ;will provide you the size
castellansolutionsAuthor Commented:
ok.... So it looks like were in business. Now one last question:

1) We have a single spare hdd onsite now (not plugged in) that is 146GB - the raid array (mirror) currently contains 2x 72GB drives

I am going to pull the drive now and replace it with the 146GB drive. Would there be any reason why that would fail?

I realize that I will only have about the 50% of the drive available for use but that's ok with me.


If the model is identical, that shouldn't fail. But it will only recolonizes 72 (usable) out of 146 with the nature of Raid1.
castellansolutionsAuthor Commented:
Sorry :

1) Currently has 2 RAID 1 Arrays. (Each array is 2x72GB drives)
2) One of the drives failed on 1 one of the arrays
3) the client has 1x 146GB spare onsite
4) I want to replace one of the failed 72GB drives with the spare 146GB drive.


I mean if the socket fits and the size is greater, it doesn't matter.
castellansolutionsAuthor Commented:
This solution won the day!!
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