How to receive email in the Exchange 2007 mailbox (in Site A) where the HT server is on Site B ?

Hi Folks,

Can anyone please assist me in troubleshooting the email when the HT server in Site B cannot send email through the secondary Mailbox server in Site A ?

This is happening after changing the Secondary Mailbox server in Site B to be hardcoded to Site A for Exchange Server 2007 SP3 patching. This is the Regesitry that has been changed.

Key: System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters
Name: SiteName
Type: REG_SZ
Senior IT System EngineerIT ProfessionalAsked:
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Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
There are specific requirements if you want to have a Mailbox server in a site...

- Global Catalog
- CAS and HT server

You can have your DAG stretched to another site without having a CAS or HT server for strictly moving data offsite but that's all it will do. If you fail over no mail will be routed as it is a requirement by MS to have CAS/HT in "any" site that has a mailbox server.

I do not know of or would recommend doing any reg hack to attempt to get this working. If in the event you do getting it working this way and you ever call MS for support (of any kind) they will say your setup is not supported.

Senior IT System EngineerIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
Site A (all server is on Site A AD Sites):


while this is secondary site:

Site B (all server is on Site B AD Sites except the CCR mailbox):

MBX-CCR-Secondary-DR (hard coded with the AD sites registry as above).
Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
The HT servers talk to each other from Site to Site. The HT server in Site B will talk to Site A HT server pass the mail item off to Site A HT and then Site A HT server delivers the mail item to the mailbox. Whatever you have done in the registry I would revert back to original configuration. Also check your routes in Queue Viewer and also the Event Logs which should help determine why the mail is not being delivered.

Also, did you do anything with your Receive Connectors? Check those as well and ensure that no settings have been changed.

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RadweldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot achieve this. Each site that contains a mailbox server must have a hub transport server in order to route mail, it must also have a client access server in order to provide client access.

If you failover the mailbox role to a different ad site, you must failover the client access and hub transport roles as well.
Senior IT System EngineerIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
ok, but in this case the mailbox is in CCR mode, so in order to fully patch and update the CCR mailbox node, the Registry must be hard coded to make the mailbox to be on the same site.

during the DR test, no AD communication is happening between sites. So Site A is assumed gone, while Site B must be up and running.

DO I have to create something in the AD sites and Services to make sure the HT-CAS can send email to the MBX server (MBX-CCR-Secondary-DR) ?
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You 100% need a CAS and HT server in any site where you have a mailbox server. You will also need to make sure that you have a Global Catalog server in that same site as well.

Senior IT System EngineerIT ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
Will, what if I don't ? can I make something as a work around in the AD Sites and Service to reroute the email to the existing CCR secondary mailbox ?

Because at the moment the emails are queueing in HT server not going through the DR mailbox server as it is hard coded to be on different AD site.
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