SBS 2011 internal website times out

This is a pretty much brand new installation of Small Business Server 2011.

When accessing it over the WAN, if I go to the "Internal Website" URL in remote web workplace which goes to

It sits and spins and eventually times out. Chrome says "the operation timed out".

However, if I access the same site from a computer on the LAN, it opens up without any issue. I do have a split-DNS configuration, so when I'm inside the LAN the "" resolves directly to my SBS server's LAN IP address.

I'm using pfSense for my router and there is a reverse proxy in-front of the server when I access it over the WAN. That is probably related to the issue. However, the other sites like Outlook Web Access, Remote Web Workplace, and all the other back-end webservers that the reverse proxy serves all seem to load fine...

Any ideas?
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Frosty555Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Forgot to forward port 987.

Nevermind, working now!
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