Ubuntu 13.10 DNS server bind9

I got an Ubuntu 13.10 DNS server bind9.
How can a create forward lookup zone example.com and us it’s as dns server.
Please advice what file I must edit to accomplish this.
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See the section regarding the forward lookup zone file... follow that example, but adjust example.com to whatever your domain is. You first need the SOA record set up... a lot of this is conceptually simply to what you may be used to in Windows, just more manual.
You need to look in /etc/bind ... within there you'll find a file called example.com

Here's a link that will help you with more detail this:
ciscosuppAuthor Commented:

i want to create a forward lookup zone but get error please see below

linux@SRV:~$ sudo etc/bind/db.linuxdns.com
sudo: etc/bind/db.linuxdnst.com: command not found

what command must i exactly run to create forward lookup zone
What you typed in would try to execute that file, rather than edit it.

One command you could use is the following:
sudo nano etc/bind/db.linux.com

nano is a text editor. Let us know if you need more assistance.
ciscosuppAuthor Commented:
ok but the file is empty what exactly must i add to the file sudo nano etc/bind/db.linux.com

im new to linux :-)
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