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Hello Experts, I have a little problem (some may say a big problem .... but lets not go there); now that we have moved past the innuendo :D I have a field on a MS SQL 2012 table that contains data in to following format:

xx//xxxxxxx or xx/x/xxxxxxxx or A/a/xxxxxxx

the data type is NVARCHAR the values represent cadastral parcels.

my question is how do I remove ONLY / from the field in a view (it is causing some problems when rendering in another application).

Thankyou in advance
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chaauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In a view you need to use a string function to change the field's value. If you want to remove all / characters, then you need to use a REPLACE function. Assuming, you table is called Table1, and the column with the values is called Column1, then you can create a view, like this:
SELECT REPLACE(Column1, N'/', N'') AS Column1,
Column3 -etc. List all other columns required for your application
FROM Table1
-- optionally you can JOIN other tables, add some filters using a WHERE clause, etc.

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XGISAuthor Commented:
Hello all, just after posting I tried some different things and found the replace function..... I know ....duh right but any way the more you know.

REPLACE(column, '/', '')

Thanks for your time.
XGISAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

Solved the solution myself
XGISAuthor Commented:
bit late but a solution none the less...
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