the reverse route injection stopped advertising few IPSEC routes into OSPF

router issue reverse route injection causing routes to not be advertised for a vpn tunnel.
The route did not show up in the local RIB on the ASA.

As soon as I added the static route statement the route was added to the OSPF process and propagated as expected. AS soon as we removed the static route it was removed locally and from the routing process of other devices participating in OSPF.

What factors must be "true" for a route to be reverse-injected into the OSPF process? Whatever those conditions are something must have changed to where the ASA no longer believed those routes were good and they were removed from the local RIB and OSPF!
please advise
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raciscoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was a policy issue. thank your help
Henk van AchterbergSr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
did you compare your config with and look if everything is ok?
raciscoAuthor Commented:
Fixing the policy
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