Wordpress Custom Posts Types do not work in Internet Explorer - 404 Shown

I've created a custom post type in Wordpress and all seems to be working fine.

Everything is perfect in Firefox

However in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari - I get a 404 page instead.

Try this link in FF and then in IE - http://www.financeforindustry.org/event/southern-manufacturing-2014/

You get different results....

I've trawled every forum looking for a solution for this, but cannot resolve it.

Code is attached...
Sean ClarkeOwner / ManagerAsked:
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Sean ClarkeConnect With a Mentor Owner / ManagerAuthor Commented:
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Does the custom post type have its own template in the theme or are you using single.php?
Sean ClarkeOwner / ManagerAuthor Commented:
It does have it's own template file.

We've removed that - no change
We've removed single.php - no change
 - This then just give us the standard "No Posts" message from index.php
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Damnit.  So much for the easy fix.

Okay, I'll try to test from here in IE and see if the console gives me something.  If not, will load your code on a test site...
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Actually, I get Page Not Found on all browsers now.  Did you change something?
Sean ClarkeOwner / ManagerAuthor Commented:
Jason, it's all back to not working again now - was trying a different permalink settings.

Currently set to /%category%/%postname%/

So still not working in IE but fine in Firefox

Also noticed it doesn't work on Chrome nor Safari

So - What does Firefox do to my page code that the other browsers do not (or vice versa)
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Not working in Firefox either...

My firefox screenshot
So you have different problems than just a browser...
Sean ClarkeOwner / ManagerAuthor Commented:
never really fixed this
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