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Infinite AutoIT Loop, Exit Compiled EXE to get Command Prompt Back

I am deploying a compiled AutoIT exe script via SCCM, however I have an infinite LOOP incorporated at the end of the script to display a message in the System Tray.  Via a Command Prompt, I have noticed that the EXE is waiting for the loop to complete before returning the Command Prompt back.  Is there a way to have the loop run infinitely and have the EXE return (an Exit Code of 0) and the command prompt with out breaking the loop?

The script with the infinite loop is below:

TraySetToolTip ("Please restart your system")
Break(0) ;Disable break

While 1 = 1
   TrayTip("IT", "Critical updates have been installed on your system. Please save your work and restart your system as soon as possible.", 10, 1)
   Sleep (900000)
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