Wi-Fi for a USB Flash Drive

I have a big screen Picture Frame that I'm giving to a relative. She knows nothing about computers. I want to send her new pictures for the display. Currently I have to drive there, take the USB stick out, put it into my laptop to load new pictures and then replace it.

How can I remotely send pictures to the screen? Also, I don't want to program the router to allow this traffic through. I want to make more of these and just mail them to relatives.

I need a USB Flash Drive that can go out to the Cloud to get new pictures I have waiting for it.

Can you find something that can do this?

All advice is appreciated!

Thank you,

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I thought of the Raspberry pi but again you need a NAS and a wireless network with a tool like the logmein
She would still need to navigate a screen, And this is for a digital frame not a TV.
It really is difficult to achieve with your digital frame and your relative being unable to use the hardware.
You need someone at the other end one way or another to navigate the screen and accept the images.
Logmein gives you exclusive access to the other computer and your relative can sit there and just watch but she still needs to give you that access.

Any chance you could post the technical specs of this digital frame so we could determin what is possible,
My personal choice is the windows phone send the images to the digital frame from your mobile. Maybe it is possible through the Cloud or Skydrive sorry I have no experience with remote and icloud etc.
It may not be available in all countries just yet but the principal in this link is the same
you use an online host to store and send your images to the digital frame from any devices.
John unfortunately your relative will need to take some IT lessons. It's not that complicated to learn basic computer functions.
Turn on a computer  check emails
You could just send her images on a USB Stick as in Post  and have her mail it back to you for new ones.
It would be cheaper than driving.
Otherwise you need to steer clear of that as either way there needs to be someone at each end.
Using cloud is too complex as well.
Besides the USB HDD is plug play  and can't be accessed like you need to,
where as setting up a computer for remote access is plausible open a program like logmein.
Logmein requires two people again one on each computer
How Logmein works.
The old fashion mail it by post is reliable and your relative should know how to to plug a USB stick into a digital frame.
Old people don't lose their minds they just need to be shown once write it down the how to they'll remember.
Is there anyone there with a computer and an email address?
There is also Iphones and mobile phones.
Your thoughts?
A USB stick like that doesn't exist. Such a device would need a small computer built-in, along with an OS, etc.

Your option could be to use something like a NAS, there are several simple NAS that are specialized for multimedia content and serving streams. If your picture frame has the capability to connect to such a NAS you could then connect to it remotely and upload your new photos. Seagate for example builds such devices:

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Craig BeckCommented:
You 'could' use a Wifi SD-Card, but the device may not support it, and it would be a nightmare to get it to do what you want... but it is possible -

JohnMan777Author Commented:
I like the idea of using the wireless card, but I don't see a way to get data to it from the outside without programming the router to direct traffic to the wireless card. With someone intimate with Linux and hacking that SD card, this might work. Know of anyone good?  :-)

Is there a clever solution using a raspberry PI that will make this work for someone without deep Linux skills?
JohnMan777Author Commented:
Although there is no solution for retrofitting this existing device, the links you provided for other devices are very useful!

Thank you for your work researching this with me.

-John Caspary
Thank you John.
Having an ageing family here I kind of understand. My dad has problems putting a USB stick into his TV even with a diagram and guide I wrote lol.
Once they get to a certain age a visit is more important than photos a visit is contact real in the flesh contact which they need to pull them back to the now.
All the Best with it.
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