Cisco Nexus 7K: sh mac address table | inc [mac] output queston

I'm tracing the mac address to find what port it's on and I see it on our Cisco Nexus 7K device with the output below:

Nexus7010# sh mac address-table | inc 65a0.e845.3151
G     -    65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 15       65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 16       65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 19       65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 54       65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 70       65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 72       65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 73       65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 81       65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 96       65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 105      65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 620      65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 621      65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 622      65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 628      65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 916      65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 936      65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 168      65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)
G 948      65a0.e845.3151    static       -       F    F  sup-eth1(R)

I don't know what this means, the vlan the the device is on is vlan 54, can someone explain this to me?

thank you,
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does your nexus have a L3 interface on all those vlans?


show int vlan 948 | i Hardware
show int vlan 95 | i Hardware

You will probably find that this is the mac address the Nexus is using for its L3 addresses.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
What NX-OS version are you running?
What supervisor is installed?

Please issue the command "show mac address-table 65a0.e845.3151" and post the output.
giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:

show int mac-address

should show that mac address is the mac address on just about all ports, both physical and svi.
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